Saturday, November 8, 2008

Abby's "Cute Pics"

After seeing the photos I took of Ashley at Longwood, Abby decided she wanted me to take "cute pictures" of her. So earlier this afternoon, for the short time we were both home today, we went outside and had some fun. Of course, Chestnut didn't want to always cooperate with the pictures that we did want him to be in, but that just made it even more fun! The first picture is just a total Abby face that I couldn't leave out!

Around Longwood

So, when I'm not in classes or doing loads of homework, I enjoy walking around campus taking pictures. It's been extra cool lately, with the leaves changing colors and all. I also threw in a couple shots I took of Ashley when we made our weekly photography run! Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I got :)

first post!

Hey everyone. This is my first blog, so I'm just testing out the site :)