Saturday, June 8, 2013

06.08.2013. : Our Wedding Day

In September of 2007, Matt & I went to The IMAX Theater at the Science Museum to s
ee Harry Potter.

{First of all, I'm so glad he came with me, because now he loves Harry Potter almost as much of me, and I have someone else to quote the movies with ;) }

Never in my life did I imagine we'd come back to that same location to get married six years later.

It's funny how things work out like that, isn't it?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friends Friday

Ah-ha!  I told ya I had a blog post or two I hoped to get up this week! Now, did not write this on Friday. ha. I've had all the videos pulled together and everything since I was subbing (yep..over a month ago, now), and I actually wrote it and scheduled it to post on Wednesday. Oh well, it's up!
I'll be 100% honest.  I

Since, you know, tomorrow's kind of a big day and all, I thought it was a perfect idea to do a Friends Friday this week with some great wedding clips from Friends!!