Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disney Movie Fun Facts!

Last week, I had texted my sister something funny that on was on TV that reminded us of an old inside joke.  Well, I was enjoying the conversation, but she then she told me she couldn't talk anymore because she had a six page paper to work on! Ew. Not fun.

Not too much longer later, I was on Facebook, had something to tell her, saw that she was on, so I Facebook chatted her.  She then told me her paper was on DISNEY. So my genius response was, "Let me help! What do you need to know?!" And I started sending her all these ridiculously funny Disney facts.  Well, I thought they were funny.  Her, maybe not so much. haha.  However, I did want to do a little Googling to find some fun and interesting Disney facts that maybe none of us knew before!    {And yes, I wanted to do only facts I never knew before this Google search.  I already knew most of the Disney/Pixar cameos that are found in the films, so I didn't want to do all of those.}  After reading through these, leave a comment if you can think of any more! :) I love fun facts!

In the [cartoon] movie, Alice in Wonderland, every time you see the White Rabbit's clock, it says 12:25. See:

In the movie, Hercules, Hercules is the only character with a Roman name!  All of the other characters are named from Greek mythology.

I just thought this was pretty cool:

And I hope other people see the irony in this picture:

Remember that episode of Full House when they go to Disney, and DJ keeps seeing Steve everywhere...and once dressed as Aladdin? 
Well, the actor who plays Steve IS the voice of Aladdin!

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Erika =) said...

And I thought I was a huge Disney fan, but I didn't know any of these fun facts! Neat!