Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Trip to Charlottesville's Wineries & Vineyards

I love this time of our lives when so many of our friends and family are getting married, and we get to be a part of it! We've attend 2 weddings so far this year, both for Longwood friends we're so excited for! Next up is my cousin Brooke's wedding, and I'm so excited that she asked me to be a bridesmaid and participate in all the fun wedding festivities with her!!

Last weekend, we surprised Brooke with her last Sail Before the Veil! Her maid of honor, Brittany, did an amazing job coordinating everything: we rented a house through Airbnb in Charlottesville, had a limo pick us up at noon to take us to several wineries, and went out to a great dinner!!

Abby and Brittany went down before everyone to decorate.

First stop: Jefferson vineyards

Abby and Brittany also packed us a delicious picnic lunch, which we ate outside at Jefferson vineyards. Either we were really hungry, or the sandwiches were just THAT yummy :-P

Aaaaand we were at a Pokestop! :)

Heading out! Thank goodness for Abby's selfie stick! haha

Stop #2: Barboursville Vineyards

This lady was awesome to talk to as she gave us our tastings! Turns out, her best friend lives in Reedville, and Brooke and Sara knew who she was! How crazy?!

I signed the guestbook before we left:

I have no idea what I was laughing at (we laughed at everything all day, though), but I love this picture of us cousins!

3rd stop: Horton Vineyards

 Choosing the 10 we wanted to taste:

Me and Brooke Ann! My very first best friend! Cousins are the best!

Waiting for our tastings..

These shirts Brittany had made were so awesome!

Sister and me.

Our last stop: Keswick Vineyards. There were SOOO many cute dogs there!!

And of course we had to get a picture with the limo driver who put up with all our laughing all day long!

We went to dinner at The Local in Downtown Charlottesville. It was this really neat place, and we ate out on the balcony. The weather was perfect!

Can't wait until we're all together again on October 8th!!

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