Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need your help!


On my last post I mentioned that I had 2 awesome blogging ideas that are on the way!

However, I cannot make up my mind as to which I should do first. That's why I'm asking for your opinion!!

If you know me, you know that I have OFFICIALLY finished ALL of the Harry Potter books. I have seen every movie in theaters. And I'll admit it, there have been some of these movies where I showed up to see the 12:01am premiere. And I may or may not have showed up to a few book release parties at Barnes and Noble, the Children's Museum (and some other location I don't know the name of) dressed up as Hermione. Don't believe me? Or maybe you do and you just want to see proof:

Here is my sister and I with our good friend Brandy who loves Harry Potter just as much as us :)

Our first Harry Potter party stop was quite fun! We had our picture taken with Hagrid....

And I also got a tattoo....

We had our picture taken by this fabulous background,

and then just took fun pictures...

I was also attacked by the Whomping Willow, and then we met the Headmaster:

At the Children's Museum party (no pics :( ) we played Wizard's Chess, and they also had a Diagon Alley set up. SO. COOL.

I also LOVE anything Disney. Disney World. Disney movies. Disney channel. EV-ER-Y-THING. My family has been able to go to Disney World 3 times, the last 2 times at Christmas (so, um, hello, MORE FUN!!). Here is a picture of us the last time we were there:

haha, my sister and I look so young in this picture!!

So, how does this relate to what I want to blog about? Well, you know those 30-day blogging challenges you may have heard about? I came across two of them that I really want to do:

1) the Harry Potter 30-Day Challenge

2) the Disney Channel 30-Day Challenge.

My question for you: Which should I do first?!??!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I just found 2 really awesome Blogging ideas.
Just get ready!!!!
Trust me!!
That's all I have to say!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I love Wednesdays:

-Wednesday is the middle of the week. I feel like I've already accomplished a lot so far in the week--because Mondays are Mondays, and Tuesdays are always hectic & long for me! All that's left of the week is Thursday and Friday, then the weekend is finally here. The weekend is in sight! Also, Thursday mornings are my sleep-in days. I don't have class until 11 on Thursdays, except, tomorrow is the last day for that! My Sports Nutrition class is only a 10 week class, so starting next week, on Thursdays I won't have class until 12:30. I think it's safe to say Thursdays will be my "easy day" of the week...

-Wednesdays tend to regularly be that night Matt and I go to Chick-fil-A for dinner. Except, we never really eat in Chick-fil-A. Most times, we get our food, walk over to Barnes and Noble, and sit at the same little table by the door. The same table where we can see the random cat walking behind the landings, and I swear it can hear my thoughts when I tell it to go away! :)

-Wednesday sometimes ends up being catch-up-on-missed-TV-show-day. Every other week, I have Ambassador meetings that start in the middle of Biggest Loser, and I don't want to watch just part of the episode, so I just wait and watch it on Hulu the next day. Same goes for Chuck. I have meetings every Monday night at 9pm, and I don't want to only watch 3/4 of the episode, so I watch that on Hulu as well. However, I am 3 weeks behind right now.......super.

-Wednesdays are my duty night. So, about 3 out every 4 Wednesdays in a month, I am on duty. I love having it in the middle of the week because Wednesday is [usually] my least stressful day, so I won't be too anxious if anything were to come up. I also like it because even though Wednesdays are the most relaxing, if I'm on back-up duty and sitting at the desk for 3 hours, it kind of forces me to get work done. haha. Granted, I probably don't get as much done as I know I could, because I take 2 movies down to the desk with me and have them open on my computer at the same time I'm doing work. And then I'll stop after writing 2 sentences to make sure everyone scans their cards....and then someone I know will walk by and I'll talk to them....and then Emily might come by and we'll talk/vent...........And, in all honesty, each of these things is a million times more fun than doing homework!!

-Wednesdays are when 2 blogs that I follow/read religiously/stalk/other choice phrase have certain posts that they do on Wednesdays. Katelyn James does Wedding Wednesday posts, and I seriously look forward to them like it's my job! Matt kind of calls me obsessive about it, because come Wednesday morning, I will type in her blog link a thousand times hoping that the next time her post is up! She posts different things like color ideas and inspiration, wardrobe ideas, decorations, and the whole 9 yards!! Here's today's!! Also, The Yes Girls from Simply U Proposals do "We Say 'Yes' Wednesday with different ideas they like, such as DIY projects, great gift ideas, business spotlights, and even travel tips/ideas. You should check both of these blogs out; just sayin :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Chapter...

Last week over Spring Break I had an interview for a possible internship (and that outcome was looking really good!).

After many calls and emails, I was finally going to meet with my potential future supervisors.

I got to the hospital early, as I do when I go anywhere, and looked desperately for Medical Office Building 1. My final conclusion -- why in the WORLD is it not near Office Buildings 2 and 3??

So I just went and parked at the main entrance, where I always go in. I would know where to find my car later, and it wouldn't even matter if I needed to walk a ways to get to the building.
The nice little old receptionist ladies helped me to find Office Building 3, and I found it quite easily actually.

I was still 10 minutes early by the time I got to the appropriate waiting room. I told the reception who I was, and who I was there to see-Jackie & Becky. She was extremely nice and went and told the ladies I was there. She came back and said they'd come get me in just a few minutes, so I just sat in the waiting area.

Now, there were plenty of older gentleman sitting and waiting for their name to be called, and they were all joking around and being really sarcastic with one another. After I had been sitting down maybe 5 minutes, one guy said to the receptionist, "HEY. Are you sure Jackie knows she's here? She's been waiting a long time??" The receptionist responded, kind of laughing, "Yeah, she knows she's here; she'll be out in just a minute." The guy responded, "Well, this young lady has things to do; she's in a hurry." Receptionst, laughing, still, "I think she looks fine; she'll only be waiting a few more minutes." I think three more minutes went by, and this guy got up, went in through the therapy room, looking around for Jackie so I wouldn't be just sitting and waiting!! I was thinking, "oh my goodness, what in the world is going to happen!?!?" Then, the much more patient guy who was sitting by me jokingly said to me, "Everyone in there is going to know your name before you even go back." I could only laugh and just anxiously wait for them to come get me so nothing else would happen!!

So, after ten minutes at the most of waiting, Jackie came back and got me. I met with her and Becky for my interview, and just to talk about my interests. At the end of the interview I was about 99% sure I had the internship. It was a little hard to tell because they were slightly hesitant about the fact that I hadn't had my disease class yet (which I will have in the fall) and they just had a question about the liability forms. So afterwards, I went home to get my advisor's contact info, and emailed Becky. The next day she responded saying that my paperwork was all ready to be picked up and to come by Friday morning. YES.

So, I went in Friday morning, and that same guy from my interview day who went back in through the therapy room looking for Jackie was there. He was telling everyone that I waited for 45 minutes so he had to go find people for me. I just let him tell his story....I didn't want to get all caught up in that!

But I got all of my paperwork, Jackie said they're so excited to work with me this summer and that they've already been setting goals for me! AWESOME.

Therefore, I am officially interning at Memorial Regional Hospital in Richmond in the Cardiac Rehabilitation facility!!! So exciting!!

And, my advisor told me that usually people who intern in Cardiac Rehab get to watch open heart surgeries....WAY COOL.

Getting lost on the first day and not finding the building didn't even matter to me anymore.
Come August, I am sure that I will know the layout of this hospital like the back of my hand.

And maybe by the end of the summer, I will get answer to my question: why isn't Office Building 1 near Buildings 2 and 3??

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I do realize that there has been a lack of posting lately. I'm sorry. I really have just been busy. Annnd I know I shouldn't keep using that as an excuse. I love to blog; I just.......okay, don't have time.

Last night I was lying in bed and for the first time felt like I had completely exhausted myself: physically and mentally. My body ached, my head hurt, I was just tired. Spring Break next week is MUCH needed. And to top it off, I will be celebrating Christmas with my family. Yes, you most certainly read that right. Celebrating Christmas, 78 days after December 25th. Nobigdeal. There was just a lot going on and good news: my Papa is doing a lot better!

In between the anticipation of the corresponding emails between all "the aunts" and a few cousins to determine when we'd get to celebrate Christmas, I have been giving my entire life over to Longwood. Well, not really, but it sure feels that way! I don't know why all professors insist on having every test and assignment due the 2 weeks before Spring Break, then give us our next assignments to work on OVER Spring Break. Hello.....it's a BREAK, get it?

I do, however, intend on spending minimal time working on actual hand-written work and projects and such. I do have an internship interview at the Cardiac Rehabilitation facility in Memorial Regional and I'm SO stoked to go in. The ladies that manage the facility have been emailing me quite a bit to set up everything and get more information, and then we played phone tag for about a week (ok, not gonna lie, I think I left each of them 2 messages on their voicemails....). But when I finally got to talk to one of the ladies, she was so excited for me to come in and meet them, she thinks I'll be a great match for them, and have I mentioned that I'm REALLY excited???
THENNNNNN I will be doing some observations at the Sheltering Arms facility right next to the hospital to observe Physical and Occupational Therapy. SUPER excited about that. I've actually observed some therapy there before with both of my grandmothers and have loved it each time.

So, the rest of my stressful week consits of:
-finishing my Sports Nutrition Project (which I cannot wait to turn in because it will be like lifting the world off my shoulders)
-oral exams tomorrow in Exercise Testing & Prescription
-2 canceled classes for Exercise Testing & Prescription (b/c of exams..)
-one canceled Friday 2:00pm Exercise Science Seminar class
-Intro to Exercise Science Mid-Term exam
-one Abnormal Psychology test moved to AFTER Spring Break (And it's a good thing because I honestly don't think I could handle one more thing on my plate right now...)
-RA duty (which isn't a bad thing; it's in my planner, so it goes on this list..)
-& meetings galore.