Monday, February 28, 2011

I wish...

...that there were more hours in a day. 36 would be good, so I could have at least a full 24 hours to get stuff done. To get WORK done.

...that I didn't have all of that work to do so that I could have more "fun" time. I'm finally on the last Harry Potter book, and I'm about halfway done with it. The only time I can really find to sit down and read is before class, which may or may not be the reason I get to my first class of each day about 20-15 minutes early.

...that I could have enough money to go see every movie coming out this summer! Matt and I have a list approximately { } this long (give or take a few spaces) of the movies we want to go see. Some include, Wild Hogs 2 (this is a MUST), Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Hangover Part II (?), Green Lantern, Cars 2, Transformers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!...the list goes on!

...that Longwood would turn the air conditioning on in all of the buildings. Because living in a room where it's 81 degrees, and going to class and sweating for 50 minutes, are not fun at all. However, if it should get cold again, don't hesitate to start burning more of those wood chips to keep us warm. kthanks.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

a quick time to vent...

So there's this girl.

That I DON'T like.

Worst part? She doesn't know.
Crazy part? I've "met" her once.
Ironic part? I've never said one word to her.

I just can't stand this girl.


there's a girl in one of my classes who reminds me of her. And every time I see her I think, "Ugh, I don't like her----WAIT, that's not even her!"

Oh, I also can't stand her best friend.

Who also doesn't know, and I've also "met" once, and never said a word too.

P.S. To explain why I don't like either of these girls, well, I don't think there's enough room in one blog post to even go there...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A "Sweet" Treat!

The past couple weeks, I've been hearing people talk about Sweet Frog. As dumb as it may sound, my first thought was Peace Frogs. haha. I always went into the Peace Frogs store at the beach and every summer I would get a new Peace Frog shirt.

Anyway. After hearing people talk about it, I wanted to go! Matt and I were home last weekend, and we both needed to run a few errands, so I begged to run those errands out at Short Pump, since that's the closest Sweet Frog to our houses! When we got there, it was too much to take in for me, haha.

If you've never been, you grab your [very large] bowl, pick your frozen yogurt flavor[s], and then add on your own much as you want, and as many different kinds as you want! I'm telling you, there was such a wide variety of toppings, from your usual sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, etc., to snickers bars, chopped fruit and Fruit Pebbles? Yes.

And you pay by the ounce (39.9 cents per ounce.)

I absolutely loved it :) It's not somewhere I'm going to go all of the time, but definitely every once in a while!!

I for sure recommend it!

Here is mine and Matt's frozen yogurt: Chocolate. My half had gummy bears, and Snickers and Kit-Kat pieces (the last 2 were supposed to be Butterfingers, but were in the wrong bin). Matt's half had Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter Chips!

I took this picture to show the size of these ginormous bowls!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner is Served...

At Longwood, your meal plan consists of X amount of meals in the dining hall per week, plus extra "bonus dollars" that can be used at the Student Union, Java City, Moe's and Chick-fil-A. During the first few weeks of a semester, eating at D-Hall isn't that bad. You pretty much can have something different for every meal you eat in there.

For me, my favorite meal in D-Hall is breakfast. 98% of the time I get an omelet: egg whites, a little bit of shredded cheese, ham, green peppers, and I just recently started adding in onions (yes, it was a good idea!) haha. Waffle Sticks and French Toast would be what I'd eat that other 2% of the mornings. I usually don't eat lunch in D-Hall, as I'm in class or I have just enough time to where I'd rather go back to my room and make a sandwich and watch TV or something. And dinner, well, that varies. It seems like every Tuesday night Matt and I go to Moe's for dinner, and on Wednesdays we usually go over to Chick-fil-A. Sometimes it's a coincidence, or sometimes that's planned. We try to only go to each of those places once a week so that we don't blow our Bonus Dollars super fast.

Now that we're well into the semester, when I go to D-Hall for dinner, I'm lucky if I like the pizza they have that evening (they always have pizza made for lunch & dinner). Matt finally made me realize the reason I feel like I stay hungry when I'm at school: I eat less because it's not good enough to get full off of! haha

Yesterday, February 16th was Student Appreciation Day. We had seen some fliers around school saying stuff about D-Hall dinner that night, there was a guest chef coming, etc., etc. I'll be honest, I still wasn't believing it was going to be anything that great. BOY was I wrong! Besides Thanksgiving Dinner that D-Hall provides, this was by far the best dinner I have ever had/been served in D-Hall!!!

Here are three of the four plates I had. Granted, my fourth plate looked just like the top one in this picture. They had the same cheese spread that's on the tables at Thanksgiving and I was SOOO excited that of course I had to go back and get more! On that left plate, the mashed potatoes were WONDERFUL. So, so good! I did not eat that steak, though, because it had a lot of fat (that you can't seen in this pic) and it was too too red for me. Matt was able to spare 3 bites of his steak for me to try it, and let me tell ya, that was some good steak! On the right plate in this picture is a crab cake and palenta? I thought it was grilled pineapple when I first saw it and I got excited....I wasn't thrilled to find out it was palenta. I didn't try it The crab cake was great though! There was just so much food and the lines were outrageously long! Literally, I have never in my life seen D-Hall so packed in my entire life. Matt got the lobster dish, and I tried lobster for the first time. To put it simply, I think I have a new favorite seafood

This is a picture of the Grand Dining Hall within D-Hall. We usually eat here because it's not normally jam-packed and it's typically a lot quieter than the other sitting area. However, "the Grand" was just as filled as anywhere else. I ended up hearing from a couple of my residents that walked by my table, that they were just waiting for a table to open because there literally wasn't anywhere to sit! I could not believe it!

I saw this happening and just had to take a picture. I wasn't try to randomly/creepily take a picture of this guy; I don't even know who he is. This is where you put your dishes and silverware when you leave D-Hall. There are two trays on the end for silverware, you put your dishes on the conveyer belt and you go on your way. However, there were so many plates that people were stacking their plates everywhere, even in the silverware trays! I felt bad for this guy because he was trying to take the tremendous amount of plates and hand them back to the kitchen staff, but people just kept coming up piling more plates! It was never ending!

What was also a plus about this dinner? We got to see Faculty members in person, and outside of class. Even President Finnegan and his wife were serving us food! Then there were others, like Tim Pierson, who we get numerous emails from during the week, but we never know who they are! haha.

Just to repeat myself, this was the best dinner I've ever had in D-Hall!!! There was an article written in The Rotunda, Longwood's Newspaper, and if you'd like to read the article, go here :)

And here are some photos from the Dine Longwood Facebook page.

The cake was on the biggest dessert table I have ever seen in my life!!

President Finnegan and the First Lady cutting the cake!

Them serving food..

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's never too late for Christmas....Part 1.

How in the world did I get so far behind in blogging???

It just occurred to me the other day that I had posted barely any Christmas pictures! At this point, there are just far too many to put into one entire blog post, so I will do this in parts! (I think my bedroom at home will have to be 1 post itself!) I hope you enjoy some of our Christmas festivities of the year :)

The first weekend in December, there is a Christmas tree lighting and Christmas party at Dad's work. It's always a lot of fun! :) Here's a picture of Auntie Sherrie, me and the one and only Santa Claus!!!!

When I came back to school from Christmas break, I brought back pretty much only Christmas movies (with the exception of The Proposal and Grumpier Old Men).

There is this great t-shirt place in downtown Farmville (sorry, that just sounds funny to write.), called Pairets. You walk in there and there is literally an entire wall lined with solid color t-shirts in every possible color you can think of! They also have hoodies, regular sweat shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, and more! Then, they have a wall of logos that you can get put onto a shirt. For Christmas of 2009 they created 2 special holiday logos for shirts and of COURSE, I loved them! They made another one for Christmas 2010, so I bought one for myself, and surprised Mom and Abby with their own for Christmas! :)

(*Sidenote: Pairets is EXTREMELY reasonably priced, and a lot of their stuff is better than what you can find in the bookstore. Maybe it's because you can personalize your shirt anyway you want it!)

And here are the Christmas lights I had hanging in my room. I have to thank Matt for hanging them up nicely because it looked a hot mess when I first did it! haha

Sometime earlier in 2010, Matt and I talked about making Rice Krispy Treat Gingerbread Houses for Christmas. So, we, along with Abby experimented. The three of us went to Food Lion and raided the candy aisle and bought several boxes of Rice Krispies. haha. Here's our interesting experimentation.....

We made a TON of sheets of Rice Krispies, because we each needed to make 6 squares: 4 for walls, and 2 for the roof.

Plenty of icing to lick off fingers.....

Here's my house!

Abby's house!

I loved Abby's crushed-up Candy Cane sidewalk. And how CUTE is her chocolate window with swags??

Matt's house with Hershey bar sidewalk...

So here are our finished houses. It's really funny because with the addition of some toothpicks, the walls stood up fine. The problem? The roof!! We had such a hard time getting the Rice Krispy to cooperate to build a roof! How did we solve the problem? In 1 of 3 ways:
1) Take the batch of Rice Krispys that burned and roll into 3 large Rice Balls. They will be ROCK HARD. Stick inside of house to support roof.
*ALERT: When Rice Krispies settle, they will take the formation of whatever is underneath it!!!

2) Stand an empty water bottle inside the house and use toothpics to connect on the edges.

3) Use however many toothpicks you think necessary. This can be anywhere from 15-30. Your decision.

So, needless to say, the Rice Krispy Treat Houses didn't turn out as we had planned. BUT, we did have a lot of fun making them and spending most of the time laughing at how the roofs were settling. Dad decided that they look more like Whoville Houses, sooooo that's just what they were! haha

I'm so glad that The Jefferson leaves their Christmas decorations up past Christmas. Christmastime just gets soo busy so it's hard to find a good time to go and see all of the BEAUTIFUL decorations. About a week into January, my last weekend home before coming back to Longwood, Mom and I went to the Jefferson. It was kinda funny because a wedding reception was going on and we could hear all of their music. Mom.....the ChaCha Slide???

This Gingerbread House has always amazed me! It is SO life-like. I would love to be able to help make this one year!

Here's a list of everything used to make the Gingerbread House...

Outside...I LOVE THIS..

Did you know that there used to be alligators kept in the fountain at the Jefferson??? Crazy, huh! I never knew that. You can read the history about that here: Alligators. I love how they still keep some alligators around...haha.

During after-Christmas sales in 2009, Mom bought a new Christmas tree. The lights were amazing-each bulb had two colors on it! But she wanted white lights. So I took all of those colored lights off (and it is HARD to take lights off a pre-lit tree!!!) and put the white ones on. We added a new Christmas tree in the house! Um, hello, I do not have a problem with that! Our dining room is purple, so the tree had a lot of purple and glass ornaments on it, and it was really cool!

Our little Chesnut is getting older and can't stay inside anymore during the night. With the nights getting colder and colder, he might've froze to death, so dad built him is own house. And this is no ordinary dog house; it has a heater in it!! haha. So, Abby and I only felt it would be appropriate to decorate Chesnut's house for Christmas as well. He loved the decorations; he told me so.

Be on the lookout for another post full of Christmas pictures!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100 things!

My 100th blog post was on December 1st, the same day as my 25 Days of Christmas began. In addition to my 25 Days of Christmas posts, I was supposed to write my 100 facts about me, which originally should have been my 100th post.

Well, just over 2 months later, here's that list. Hope you find out a couple random things you didn't know about me :)

1. I used to hate flowers. For some reason, I just didn’t always like getting flowers because they were going to die. I did always like getting them at dance recitals. Now, I love flowers, especially really colorful ones. However, I am often known for killing them quickly…

2. I love bright colors.

3. I find my bed at Longwood more comfortable than my bed at home. I think it’s because of the two layers of padding I added on to the mattress!

4. I am obsessed with chapstick. Like, reeeeeally obsessed.

5. I love vintage things like old metal signs of Elvis, The Wizard of Oz, I Love Lucy, etc. I have a bunch hanging on one wall of my room at home.

6. I love cupcakes. They seem to taste way better than regular cake to me.

7. I know money isn’t everything, but sometimes I wish I had unlimited funds to buy all kinds of craft materials (and maybe one or two packs of Oreos..)

8. I have no on earthly idea what kind of job I want to have. (Well, I have those ideas of dream jobs..ha)

9. I love sweets. Not just chocolate, but any dessert (including those cupcakes!).

10. The Curry RA Staff consists of some of the greatest people in my life.

11. Sometimes I think about cutting my hair short again, but then I know I’d cry when Auntie Sherrie chops it all off!!

12. Yes, I’m one of those girls who has been planning their wedding since they were five (Mom, don’t freak out. Yet.) :)

13. I don’t just love Christmas; I love all the different things about Christmas: Christmas lights, Christmas trees & decorations, Christmas cooking/baking, wrapping presents, getting together with my family, drinking out of our special 12 Days of Christmas glasses!!!, watching the countless amounts of Christmas specials on TV, listening to Christmas music :) and everything else!

14. I have a super long list of all these blogs that I read religiously. Is there such thing as too long of a list??

15. I like to blog, but a lot of times, I run out of things to type about!!

16. My favorite Summer Olympics athlete is Michael Phelps.

17. My favorite Winter Olympics athlete is Apolo Ohno.

18. I used to scrapbook a lot. I am so ridiculously far behind now that I dread the day I get back to it…

19. I like music such as Elvis, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, etc.

20. And throw in some Blues Brothers too.

21. Matt gave me a Michael Buble calendar for Christmas; however, Matt says it’s more like a pin-up than a calendar. Haha. I guess that is true, because the dates only go across the bottom of the page, they’re really small, and the pictures are over a foot long!

22. I’m really weird about saving stuff. For instance, every month our RA staff gets a new calendar each month that says who is on duty every night. I always print it out and put it on the wall by my door for easy reference. Well, at the end of every month, I take the old one down and I have a running list of the calendars on the wall behind my door….haha.

23. I like McDonalds’ food way too much. Not good.

24. Last semester, I had a few residents write me nice notes on post-its and leave them on my door for me to come back to. I love my residents :)

25. I only like cold weather if there’s going to be snow!!!

26. Three of my cousins and I are born on the 17th of a month.

27. Speaking of cousins, I have a LOT.

28. My Aunt Vickie got me into beading when I was younger. It’s been a while now since I’ve made something!

29. Before, I couldn’t stand the feeling of lotion on my hands. Now, I like it.

30. I make too many to-do lists.

31. I painted a teal and pink piggybank at Jellystone last September…I wonder how long it will take to fill it up with change?? [sidenote: my sister painted one the same colors, but where the colors are is reversed on each of ours!]

32. I have naturally curly hair, and straighten it about once a season.

33. I recently discovered the show on Style Network called Jerseylicious; it’s ridiculous, but I also love it!

34. I would love, love, love to travel the world.

35. I read about WPPI on a lot of blogs that I follow; I’d love to go one day!!

36. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. Sometimes I like Mr. Pibb better.

37. I like to read for fun, but don’t have a lot of time to :(

38. I have a very Type A personality!

39. I have a website; I’m not sure how many people know about And I’m thinking of changing it some. Maybe, who knows.

40. I want to make an inspiration board, but I need some inspiration to do so. Ironic?

41. I have sooooo many necklaces, yet I still find myself rotating through about 4 on a regular basis.

42. I have been to Disney World 3 times, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go again!

43. I love to water ski. When we were younger, my cousin and I would ski at the same time and try to cross over and do similar things. It was fun!

44. I also love tubing!!

45. I like food. Haha. There’s nothing more I can add to that. I just love food. And I love to eat.

46. I have a pet goldfish named Reg. That’s short for Reginald Fairfield. If you’ve ever seen this episode of Boy Meets World, you know what I’m talking about!

47. I save all of my movie ticket stubs.

48. I drive a white Pontiac Grand Am.

49. I was on the first ever Moody Middle School Dance Team!

50. I have a million bottles of hand sanitizer and I use a little bit of each of them. I must have too many because not one bottle ever runs out.

51. Now that I am half-way through this list, I am realizing that it’s pretty hard to think of 100 things about myself to write!

52. I don’t have very many pictures of myself; I’m usually the one taking all the pics!

53. I have recently become addicted to the game Angry Birds. Oh my. I didn’t know shooting different colored birds, each with different powers, at funny looking green pigs of different sizes could be so entertaining.

54. In 2 years I will be dancing again! (and teaching, hopefully!)

55. I love Bare Minerals make up from Sephora. I just wishes it wasn’t so expensive!

56. I like swishy pants (aka wind pants). haha

57. I have been on 4 M-FUGE mission trips. They are amazing!

58. I having taken one Zumba class before, but now that the Fitness Center at school is having the class several nights a week (for free!!) I am hoping to get back into it a lot more!

59. Times Square is my favorite thing about New York. I love all of the bright flashing lights. I want to go back just to take a million pictures!

60. I prefer Diet Coke over regular Coke (unless the Coke cans have a design on them, like Santa Claus or the Olympics logo). Haha

61. I have about 3 coloring books that I keep at school. I never know when I might want to live like a 3 year old.

62. I love hot chocolate…especially when I can fill up my travel mug in D-hall after breakfast and before I Go to class!

63. I got a new phone over winter break, and I still cannot get used to the full keyboard texting! I’m so used to having an all touch-screen phone!

64. I like to be early. Really early.

65. Blog comments make me happy!

66. When eating at someone's house, I feel bad using their nice cloth

67. In middle school, I was a dancer in two plays: Alice and Wonderful, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

68. I love Friends! I mean the TV show, but hey, my friends are pretty awesome, too!

69. I wish I liked coffee.

70. I can go through a gallon of milk in no time at all.

71. I get called a nerd a lot. It's okay, though :)

72. Harry Potter vs. Twilight? Definitely Harry Potter!

73. I love the Richmond Flying Squirrels!!

74. A liger is pretty much my favorite animal. Okay, not really. But I couldn't resist.

75. I like to clean. Especially vacuum...haha

76. I feel like cereal boxes are too big. I get tired of eating the same kind of cereal too quickly.

77. I tweet. (@malloryloraine)

78. I almost always have my toe nails painted...for some reason, I've gone about a month without having them painted!

79. I love to check Google for their new logos!

80. I love black with neon colors (hence the reason Matt gave me a black, yes black Christmas tree with bright lights on it for Christmas!!).

81. I love the different scents of candles, but I hate to burn them.

82. I love to call people fool...

83. ...and hoss.

84. I wish I knew how to play tennis!

85. I wish I could wear flip flops everyday!

86. I have a list of shows that I like to watch religiously (i.e. Chuck, Biggest Loser, etc.)

87. My email stays open 24/7.

88. Matt gave me 2 of his CDs he found when he was cleaning out at home...Frosty the Snowman and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. nobigdeal.

89. I love to eat ranch dressing on my pizza.

90. I have too many earrings that I don't know what to do with. And I wear about the same five-ten pairs only..haha

91. Glitter is fun!

92. I love to do kickboxing workouts in my room at school. They have great workout videos on (you should check them out!).

93. I wrote Matt a note from the stuffed animals he gave me...haha...his face was priceless when he saw it and laughed at me.

94. I have never had the time to completely finish the Harry Potter books. I'm finally on the last book.

95. I have every copy of The Rotunda, Longwood's weekly newspaper, since the first issue my freshman year. No, I'm not a pack-rat. They're memories.

96. I have a pack of tie-dye tissues that I bought last November. I'm afraid to use them since Matt told me if I wipe my nose with them, I'll get a rainbow on my face.

97. I want to one day watch the sunset in California.

98. When I was little, I was completely convinced that my toys were just like Woody, Buzz, Ham, and all of the other characters from Toy Story. I would try to catch them, but even when I slowly cracked my door open to see them, they were just too fast for me to see in action. What a shame.

99. I don't really eat popcorn unless I'm at the movies.

100. Last, but not least, it took me over 2 weeks to create this list of 100 things. Sad? I kinda think so.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I am sorry for the severe lack of posting there has been on my blog.

Okay, on both blogs.

I have been busier than I can ever remember being in my life.

And these next 2, maybe 3 weeks, won't get an easier. I'll try to get back into some (semi)regular posting...

How much longer til Spring Break???