Monday, April 29, 2013

When one door closes, another door opens

Well, in my case, it's kind of the opposite: When one door opens another door closes.

But I guess the original saying could also apply to where I am right now.

As you might know, I started subbing in January. I lovvvvved it.  Much to my surprise, I fell in love with being at middle school and spent many of my subbing days at Elko Middle School.  Actually, for the past month or so, I was at Elko almost every single day.  It was so nice going into a familiar school everyday, get to know so many of the teachers and staff members, as well as get to know the students better.  Even though I did start subbing in some seventh grade classes, I always got to come back to the sixth graders I had so much fun hanging out with!

Last Tuesday, however, I did not sub.  I actually had to ask to not be scheduled that day because I had another arrangement made: an interview.  So, on April 23rd, I went in for my interview, and I felt relieved when I completed the interview because I was so nervous!!  Two days later, on Thursday, I started a game of phone tag with a lady from Human Resources.  On Friday, while I was subbing at Elko, I had to step out of my classroom to go outside {and get locked out of the building...} and try to

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Always by my side...

When I look throughout our engagement pictures, I laugh at how different we look, just since August.  That should make for a HUGE difference when it comes to comparing our engagement pictures and wedding pictures!

This one is one of my favorites though, especially as we get closer and closer to starting a new journey together.  We do a lot together, though not nearly as much as we used to, since we both stay busy.  Matt works long hours and we just have conflicting schedules a lot of times.  So, the time we get to spend together, I enjoy it even more.

Whatever wedding tasks we're still trying to complete, post-marriage things we're trying to finalize, etc., we get through it all together.  Side by side {figuratively and literally}.  I'm so thankful to have Matt by my side!

Even more so on days like today.  Wednesdays are most often the longest days of the week and we're both exhausted before dinner time.  And, in just a little while, we're heading out for a long evening.  Yes, on a work night.  We'll leave tonight and be back tomorrow, technically {very early in the morning}.  And we'll both be slammed tired the whole time.  But, we're doing it

Monday, April 22, 2013

Highland Springs Community Day

This past Saturday, there was a Community Day held at Highland Springs High School.  No, normally I
wouldn't go to something Highland Springs related since I was a Blue Devil and not a Springer! haha.  But, since Mom works in the library, I went up there for a bit.

Different departments, clubs, organizations, and outside businesses had tables set up around the track for people to come to with different activities.  There was even a rescue squad and firetruck to see, a bouncy house, a bake sale and concessions!  The JROTC had tug-of-war contests on the football field, which were pretty entertaining to watch! And there were a few sports clinics--I saw football and tennis--not sure if I missed any others!  Oh! And a great raffle to win a spirit wear pack!

The library collected books throughout the week and they had them all spread out on the table for people to take for free! {Yes, I grabbed a few for myself!}  The cheerleaders were painting nails--Mom and I both got ours painted, but when we were there, all they had were bright colors and glitter so it was pretty interesting! ha.  The Spanish Honor Society was making maracas and giving dance lessons, and there was much more to see and do. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Products I Love

On Pinterest, I have a "Products I Love" board--actually,
I think it was one of those first five boards that
you automatically get when you sign up for a Pinterest account.  100% of my pins on that board are things I don't even have, but I think they have a cool concept, or some I would even use!  Some of those that I could see being useful are:

-A tumbler that makes tea on the go! Yes, I would definitely use that!

-A cupholder for the beach, with a nice stand that you stick in the sand to keep it up.  I hate having to set my drink down on the beach and getting sand all over it.

-And oh yeah, that pillow that's made with a space underneath specifically for your arm to fit under it! haha.

But, since I don't have any of those, I thought I would just share of a few of my own Products I Love, but one of them might just be a thing I love. haha.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Life in iPhone Pictures

The sad truth is, I haven't taken many pictures with my actual camera at all this year.  Honestly, the only pictures I've really taken this year, {that weren't pictures of my Christmas stuff before that all got taken down} are random pictures of the wedding planning process, that I plan to share starting probably at the end of June.  I've told very little about our wedding, outside of our families of course, because I want everyone to be surprised on June 8th, and just take it all in.  Too much? haha.  Oh well, we're all very excited for all the hard work to finally come together!

Okay, enough of that tangent.  Since I haven't had my camera with me 24/7, there is something that I have with me, my phone, almost all the time {in the evenings, I kinda check-out from my phone}, and thankfully, it has a camera, too.  So, for today's post, here are just a few random pictures from my phone that I've taken in the past month or so.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friends Friday

Just like with many other episodes of Friends, the one PIVOT!
I'm going to share with you today never fails to crack me up! I mean, it's so funny to me, it's right up there with

In The One Where Joey Speaks French, Joey is getting ready for an upcoming audition and needs to know how to speak French. So, Phoebe says she'll help him! However, the French lessons don't go as planned....Of course.  It's just soo funny to listen to because if he's saying each individual word slowly, he gets it.  But if he puts it all together, HA, so not French at all!  But it is just hilarious!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disney Movie Fun Facts!

Last week, I had texted my sister something funny that on was on TV that reminded us of an old inside joke.  Well, I was enjoying the conversation, but she then she told me she couldn't talk anymore because she had a six page paper to work on! Ew. Not fun.

Not too much longer later, I was on Facebook, had something to tell her, saw that she was on, so I Facebook chatted her.  She then told me her paper was on DISNEY. So my genius response was, "Let me help! What do you need to know?!" And I started sending her all these ridiculously funny Disney facts.  Well, I thought they were funny.  Her, maybe not so much. haha.  However, I did want to do a little Googling to find some fun and interesting Disney facts that maybe none of us knew before!    {And yes, I wanted to do only facts I never knew before this Google search.  I already knew most of the Disney/Pixar cameos that are found in the films, so I didn't want to do all of those.}  After reading through these, leave a comment if you can think of any more! :) I love fun facts!

Monday, April 8, 2013

2 months til "I do"

I'll be honest--I had NO idea what to do for this post {which is mainly the reason I'm not starting to write it
until 11:00pm.  I'm not even letting myself lay down in bed--just sit on it--until I finish writing so that I'll get it done! I'm exhausted and would give anything to go to sleep right now, so hopefully that will get me typing quicker! haha.

Also, several times in the past couple days, I've begged Matt for ideas.  For instance, on the phone this evening, I said, "Matt. I still have to get a blog up today and I just don't know what to write! Help!!" lol

But, even without his help, I finally came up with an idea........about fifteen minutes ago.  And, Matt will probably appreciate this "..months til 'I do'" post more than any of the others. Why? Because of today's topic:  Two things I love about Matt but hate to admit! haha.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Pin It Friday!

It's finally SPRING, and while the temperatures may not always tell us that, I just knowwwww that warmer
weather is right around the corner, and I can't wait!! =) I can't wait to wear more brightly colored things!

Since we will see some warmer temperatures come this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate for today's Pin It Friday to be pictures of different Spring Fashion ideas!! 

And, I know, I'm a person of many words today, but I think there's only but so much I can say about what I'm posting today for Pin It Friday! haha.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some funny pictures!

Sometimes, I wonder, "what the heck did I do before a smart phone?!"

Oh, that's right. 
I didn't take 85 pictures a day {because my first phone wasn't a camera phone}. 
I had to use up internet time to search for ringtones to buy.
I didn't have instant access to my email and social media.
I didn't play games to pass the time on care rides.

I only made calls and had limited texting {which I almost always went over....}.

Now, those are the two things I like the least about my phone. haha. I'm a horrible texter-backer -yes, totally I made up word. But since I do use my phone for so much now, having a whole long conversation via text message is almost boring to me. 

Now, if you have an iphone, you know that you can have several internet windows open at a time {I don't know if any other phones have that feature....}.  I always always always have my email open--only to check, I do hate responding to emails from my phone--, subfinder ready to go, my blog up, probably craigslist, and a few other things.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spirited Art

Can someone PLEASE tell me how it is already April?! This year has already flown by!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Emily and I went to Spirited Art in Short Pump.  If you've never heard of this {or a similar place, Wine & Design}, you go to paint, and you can also buy some wine or food to eat while you paint!  They have classes you can sign up for, where there's an instructor showing the class step-by-step instructions on how to create a painting, and everyone is doing the same thing.  But, Emily and I signed up for an open session, where you can choose any painting to do, they put the original right beside you, and have some of their employees walking around to get you started and help you out!  I enjoyed this, because I think it was easier to go at your own pace, and I know there were several times where Emily and I would just sit back, look at our paintings, and figure out what we liked, what we wanted to change, or just to take a break! haha.

While it took a long time to get every last stroke of paint "perfect," the time FLEW by! We were there just over a couple of hours I think!

Throughout the evening, I took pictures of my canvas, not exactly "step-by-step," more like, just whenever I thought about it! haha.  {And don't even get me started on the smudge on my phone's camera....I've tried and tried to get it off!}