Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some funny pictures!

Sometimes, I wonder, "what the heck did I do before a smart phone?!"

Oh, that's right. 
I didn't take 85 pictures a day {because my first phone wasn't a camera phone}. 
I had to use up internet time to search for ringtones to buy.
I didn't have instant access to my email and social media.
I didn't play games to pass the time on care rides.

I only made calls and had limited texting {which I almost always went over....}.

Now, those are the two things I like the least about my phone. haha. I'm a horrible texter-backer -yes, totally I made up word. But since I do use my phone for so much now, having a whole long conversation via text message is almost boring to me. 

Now, if you have an iphone, you know that you can have several internet windows open at a time {I don't know if any other phones have that feature....}.  I always always always have my email open--only to check, I do hate responding to emails from my phone--, subfinder ready to go, my blog up, probably craigslist, and a few other things.

Do you see why I have trouble getting a blog post up?? I'm not on my actual computer as much anymore!!! And, NO, I refuse to write a blog from my phone. haha.

Whenever I'm on Facebook on my phone, I love seeing all of the funny ecards or random pictures that pop up, and most of the times, I want to show them to someone, probably Matt. haha.  So I just take a screen shot of my phone so I'll see the picture later and remember to show him.  Yeah, how many times do you think I actually remember? That like, never happens.  So when I was getting all of my recent phone pictures onto my computer, I had to laugh at all of the random screen shots I came across...........hope these give you a laugh for the day :)

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