Monday, April 8, 2013

2 months til "I do"

I'll be honest--I had NO idea what to do for this post {which is mainly the reason I'm not starting to write it
until 11:00pm.  I'm not even letting myself lay down in bed--just sit on it--until I finish writing so that I'll get it done! I'm exhausted and would give anything to go to sleep right now, so hopefully that will get me typing quicker! haha.

Also, several times in the past couple days, I've begged Matt for ideas.  For instance, on the phone this evening, I said, "Matt. I still have to get a blog up today and I just don't know what to write! Help!!" lol

But, even without his help, I finally came up with an idea........about fifteen minutes ago.  And, Matt will probably appreciate this "..months til 'I do'" post more than any of the others. Why? Because of today's topic:  Two things I love about Matt but hate to admit! haha.  

Number one is a given: Matt is always right.  Now, maybe you're wondering why I'm even saying that, or why I'm putting it on the internet to never take it back.  Well, because it's true.  Very true.  Since it's so late, I can't think of a specific situation to explain this, but just trust me on this one.  I'm not completely crazy.  99.99% of the time, Matt is right.  And that other .01% of the time? Well, that's just because he let me be right! haha.

Number two is pretty random: Matt's love for everything he watches on YouTube.  He would tell me about all these random things on YouTube that he was watching, and I would think, "why waste your time watching that stuff??"  ............until I finally sat down and watched a few.  Then, I had to admit that some of these videos were pretty cool. {Hmm, you see what I did there....tying this all back to "Matt is always right."}  For instance, have you ever checked out Epic Rap Battles of History? I'm pretty darn sure I never would have, had it not been for Matt, and there are a few that I really do enjoy.  For instance, some of the ERB that I really like are Doc Brown vs. Dr. Who, Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley and Mario Bros vs. Wright Bros.  So, if any of those name combinations sound funny/interesting to you, look 'em up!  In addition to the videos he watches, there are some good music channels he listens to.  There, ya happy, Matt? haha.  I may not always like the bass turned up SO loud, but I can tolerate the music! haha.

To wrap up this blog, here's a video I'm SO GLAD Matt introduced me to!!! Of course, he knew I'd like it, because it has to do with Disney :)

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And now, I can go to bed!


Lori Vann said...

My dad is also one of those "youtube" people. He finds videos and shows them to my kids, and I think

Lori Vann said...

whoops...and I think to myself "how the heck did you find that?"