Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Life in iPhone Pictures

The sad truth is, I haven't taken many pictures with my actual camera at all this year.  Honestly, the only pictures I've really taken this year, {that weren't pictures of my Christmas stuff before that all got taken down} are random pictures of the wedding planning process, that I plan to share starting probably at the end of June.  I've told very little about our wedding, outside of our families of course, because I want everyone to be surprised on June 8th, and just take it all in.  Too much? haha.  Oh well, we're all very excited for all the hard work to finally come together!

Okay, enough of that tangent.  Since I haven't had my camera with me 24/7, there is something that I have with me, my phone, almost all the time {in the evenings, I kinda check-out from my phone}, and thankfully, it has a camera, too.  So, for today's post, here are just a few random pictures from my phone that I've taken in the past month or so.

When Matt and I went to Longwood last month, Abby and I enjoyed some nice Sweet Frog while Matt was at a Phi Mu Delta event.

Matt and I made a trip to Bass Pro Shop and went straight up to the shooting game! haha

  Mom and I had some mmm..mmm..good Coke Floats while watching Dancing With the Stars one night. 
Chocolate ice cream + coke = :)

I was a little confused when I saw these were still in the store...
I didn't need to buy them, however, because I've already had one for the longest time!

For Easter, I found one of my favorite candies in my Easter basket - Dots!
But these were the fun Spring-time Colors.  I'm not too much of a fan of the blue!

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Melody said...

June 8th? WOW... it is getting close. Love reading your blog.