Friday, April 12, 2013

Friends Friday

Just like with many other episodes of Friends, the one PIVOT!
I'm going to share with you today never fails to crack me up! I mean, it's so funny to me, it's right up there with

In The One Where Joey Speaks French, Joey is getting ready for an upcoming audition and needs to know how to speak French. So, Phoebe says she'll help him! However, the French lessons don't go as planned....Of course.  It's just soo funny to listen to because if he's saying each individual word slowly, he gets it.  But if he puts it all together, HA, so not French at all!  But it is just hilarious!

For instance, Je te flouppe Fli!
Here, see for yourself:

Have a great weekend!


Love Me If You Dare said...

toot de la fruit!!! hahaha. LOVE IT!!! one of my favorite episodes for sure!!! :)

The Mersiovsky Family said...

YES! I love FRIENDS posts. It seriously, is one of my favorite shows. This episode is great. So is the one where they do the fake game show and when Phoebe changes her name :-)