Friday, April 19, 2013

Products I Love

On Pinterest, I have a "Products I Love" board--actually,
I think it was one of those first five boards that
you automatically get when you sign up for a Pinterest account.  100% of my pins on that board are things I don't even have, but I think they have a cool concept, or some I would even use!  Some of those that I could see being useful are:

-A tumbler that makes tea on the go! Yes, I would definitely use that!

-A cupholder for the beach, with a nice stand that you stick in the sand to keep it up.  I hate having to set my drink down on the beach and getting sand all over it.

-And oh yeah, that pillow that's made with a space underneath specifically for your arm to fit under it! haha.

But, since I don't have any of those, I thought I would just share of a few of my own Products I Love, but one of them might just be a thing I love. haha.

Chapstick: If you know me, you know how much I lovvvve Chapstick.  I use it many many times a day.  Seriously, it's borderline really bad habit! ha. I ALWAYS have Chapstick on me.

Camelbak: I love my Camelbak water bottle! I carry it with me a lot, now, and for some reason, it just makes it easier to drink more water, which is a plus!  However, my poor Camelbak has been through a lot.  It's broken, and I'm still using it.  I dropped it at the Y once and it messed up the lid.  The straw part that you can pull up is wobbly now and won't go back down when you push it down, like it should.  I have to force it to stay down by squeezing it in so that the plastic loop part holds it in {great description, right?}.  And now, I'm just remembering that it was already broken, prior to me dropping it.  I don't know how it got like this in the first place, but something inside of the straw got out of line and I couldn't use the straw like I should.  It wouldn't open all the way so I probably looked really funny only pulling it up halfway to drink! haha.  However, when I did drop it, it somehow fixed that part of the straw when it broke another!  I do have a new one, though, for when this one really breaks.

Big Red Gum:  If you didn't figure it out, here's that one "thing" I'm including, rather than a better "product." ha. Oh well, same difference, right??  Regardless, I sure do love Big Red gum!  I've had other brands of cinnamon flavored gum, but none are as good as Big Red.  Sometimes those other brands start tasting rubbery really quickly, and that is definitely not enjoyable.

And I figured it wouldn't hurt to share about Products I Don't Love, just to get some variation in the post.  Since whenever you list either your highs & lows, positives & negatives, etc., there should always be more of the good than the bad, I'm only going to list one product for this category.  And what product might that be?..

Office Max Pencils:  These things are terrible!! You sharpen them, and the point breaks as soon as you write.  If you're lucky enough to get it sharped well, and to the point where it won't break the first time you use it, you probably ended up sharpening half the pencil down anyway...  I will never buy those pencils again!

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