Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Always by my side...

When I look throughout our engagement pictures, I laugh at how different we look, just since August.  That should make for a HUGE difference when it comes to comparing our engagement pictures and wedding pictures!

This one is one of my favorites though, especially as we get closer and closer to starting a new journey together.  We do a lot together, though not nearly as much as we used to, since we both stay busy.  Matt works long hours and we just have conflicting schedules a lot of times.  So, the time we get to spend together, I enjoy it even more.

Whatever wedding tasks we're still trying to complete, post-marriage things we're trying to finalize, etc., we get through it all together.  Side by side {figuratively and literally}.  I'm so thankful to have Matt by my side!

Even more so on days like today.  Wednesdays are most often the longest days of the week and we're both exhausted before dinner time.  And, in just a little while, we're heading out for a long evening.  Yes, on a work night.  We'll leave tonight and be back tomorrow, technically {very early in the morning}.  And we'll both be slammed tired the whole time.  But, we're doing it
together. Side by side.

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Mary Marantz said...

LOVE this post!!