Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Ramblings

Subbing gives me plenty of time to pretty much do anything I want sit quietly and watch over the students
while they work on their assignments, and make sure we all get out alive. Today, the classes I subbed for were watching Ice Age and answer questions about the movie. {And I watched the movie 3 times within 6 1/2 hours...} Luckily, this makes Day 3 of being able to watch movies in class while the students work! Yay!

So today, I was thinking about how much I haven't blogged this week...haha...I'm terribly behind. Oh well.  But, that just means I've mostly been busy and then exhausted by the end of the day and don't even feel like getting my computer out and turning it on! {I mostly check my email, social media and subfinder on my phone.} So, I thought today I would just list out a bunch of random things.....things I've been doing, stuff I like, etc. Hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Snow!

Since this is probably the last time I'll be able to post pictures of this for this winter season {well, wait, it's SPRING for goodness sake!}, I thought I'd just share a couple of pictures from our recent snow storm that we had this weekend.  In the Spring? Come on, now.  I'm so ready for warm weather, being able to wear flipflops everyday, and wearing bright colors {not that I don't wear bright colors sometimes now anyway, haha}!

We were supposed to go out Sunday evening to listen to a family friend {Hi Grampa!! :) } play music at Legends Brewery, but it ended up getting canceled because of the weather -- and I had NO idea we'd be getting so much!  So, Matt and I were just chilling at home, and then finally decided we needed to go get something to eat, since we weren't going to Legends anymore.  As I went to my room to grab a sweatshirt, I opened my blinds a little, expecting to see a lightly dusted yard, and I said, "uhhhh, Matt.........have you looked outside lately??" And he said, "No, why?" He opened the blinds and said, "OH!! We are NOT going out in this!" I said, "BUT I'M HUNGRY! WE NEED FOOD!" haha. {So, I didn't yell that, just said it with a lot of emphasis, lol}  So we trekked out into the crazy weather to get dinner, and a few absolutely necessary groceries. Were they absolutely necessary? Not totally.  It was the most random assortment of groceries, haha.

Of course,  it took forever getting to the store - that's normally less than ten minutes away - because a lot of people just forget how to drive when it's snowy outside. Yes, the roads had snow and slush on them, but they weren't TERRIBLE.  And, fortunately, we got to Subway just before they were about to close, so we were able to get dinner, too! yay! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friends Friday

Happy Friday! Yay! The weekend is here! Annnnnd, it's time for another "Friends Friday!" :)

There is one particular Friends episode that is quoted VERY OFTEN around our house.

I'll give you a hint: It involves having your picture taken.

Haven't guessed it yet? It's episode titled The One With the Engagement Picture! In this episode, Chandler & Monica go to have their -you guessed it- engagement picture taken, but Chandler can't seem to smile a normal smile.  He has all of these fake smiles and his "gazing-into-our-future-and-thinking-about-our-marriage-and-the-days-to-come face!" haha!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running of the Rhinos!

Winning stuff is always fun! I've won a couple things on the radio here and there {and I've also been the first wrong answer played on air, for the K95 K-quiz question, haha}, and it's always super exciting to win something......especially when it's something you want or will get good use out of!  Some things that I've won are tickets to Countryfest & the Hot Apple Pie CD {very good CD, by the way} and also a gift card to Ledo's Pizza {very good pizza, by the way}.  You see what I did there? Consistency is key. Or so they say.

Anyway.  A few weeks ago, Matt won some tickets through the Local Suds Facebook page for the Running of the Rhinos: Lost Rhino Local Suds Pub Crawl. It was a cool experience and something fun to do, as I would've probably never gone to any of these places before {and, if the opportunity ever comes up again, I would only go back to two of these places anyway, haha}. 

We both got off work and hurried, and I mean HURRIED, to get ready to go.  We started out at Capital Ale House, where we checked in with Local Suds, got our free t-shirts, and enjoyed some music from the band that was there!  Again, had we purchased tickets for the event, I guess the shirts *technically* would not be free, but, we didn't pay a dime to go :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shamrock the Block

About once a week, Matt and I go out and do something fun.  It usually falls on the weekend, as he gets off work at different times each day during the week, and we are just both really busy!

This past Saturday, we went to Shamrock the Block in downtown Richmond.  Of course, every year this event comes around, but neither of us had ever been before.  We went right at the beginning of the event (we each already had plans for later in the day) and stayed for a couple of hours.  Maybe that time frame isn't as much "fun" as it is later in the day, but we both had fun!

And you know, I was expecting to see many people dressed up in green, maybe even a few people dressed up as leprachauns, and then you have all of the green, mardi-gras type bead necklaces, but the beads are really shamrock-shaped.....but I never dreamed I'd see so many crazies in one place.  Yes, I expected to see them, don't get me wrong, but there were some people I saw and I thought to myself, "you really thought you looked okay to go out in public? You're wearing shorts and a tanktop; your entire body is orange, but your face is white....?" Yes, I really saw a lady who fits this description!  But, on to the fun stuff!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pin it Friday!

It took me a while to figure out what to do for this month's Pin it Friday topic.

I didn't want to do a bunch of St. Patrick's Day pins, as last months was based on Valentine's Day, and I didn't want to do holiday themed two months in a row.

I also just tried typing in "march" to the Pinterest search bar to see if anything fun came up. Big fat negative.  A bunch of random pictures showed up, but none of them had anything to do with March whatsoever.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

Today while I was subbing, the question of the day on the announcements was, "What languages does the symbol for Pi come from?" It was all I could do not to laugh when someone said, "Albert Einstein!" Why was that so funny? Because last time I checked, Einstein was a person, not a language. Oh me, oh my!

During high school --I believe it was my sophomore year-- we had a contest to see who could memorize the most digits of Pi.  I was not the winner, but I was kind of proud of myself for memorizing about 90 digits of Pi {talk about retaining useless information, haha!}.  I forget how many, exactly, I memorized, but it was somewhere in that ballpark.  Now, all I can remember is 3.141592653589.  Maybe I should try to memorize all of those again! haha

Monday, March 11, 2013

I love a good sale!

If you know me, then you probably know this: I'm cheap. haha

Ask Matt, I'm a pretty cheap date {most of the time!}.

And I usually never buy something unless it's on sale.  So, you can only imagine how excited I was to take two receipts, that should've collectively been totaled at $80.92, down to $44.00.  Now, normally, I'd look at $44.00 and think that's still really expensive.  However, I bought 4 shirts with that money at two stores that I usually don't even go in because I know I can't afford anything: J.CREW and Banana Republic! Yes, I was very excited!! :)

All of the shirts are such comfortable material and I already know so many different outfits I can make with each shirt! haha

And maybe I should've taken the sticker off that bottom right shirt? haha. Oops! All of the hanging tags were hidden in the shirts, so that didn't even cross my mind!

Friday, March 8, 2013

3 months til "I do"

I'm extremely happy that our power did not go out in the crazy weather storm we had on Wednesday, however, our internet wasn't working. {There always seems to be SOMETHING that stops me from blogging on Wednesdays....maybe this is a sign? haha}

So, Wednesday's blog post will get up sometime, trust me, but I'm just not sure quite when!

BUT. Guess what today is?? The EIGHTH! One month down and only THREE months until wedding day! WHAT?! 

Yeah, I'm still not sure how time is going by so quickly these days.  I've had so much fun coming up with these posts for the past couple of months {see here and here for the 2 you may have missed} on the 8th that are about Matt & me to count us down to the big day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Confessions of a Substitute Teacher

Students think you're downright oblivious and stupid.  Yes, I see you cheating. Yes, I know you know I know. {I didn't lose anyone there, did I?} Yes, I'm leaving a note for your teacher.

Students think you're deaf.  I was in a middle school class several weeks ago, and the students were working on math worksheets.  I had my computer with me and I was checking SubFinder for any recently posted jobs, and I heard across the room, "I don't care...she's just over there playing on her computer anyway." I look up at the kid and said, "Oh, that's all you think I'm doing?" And he said, "Oh, you heard that?" I said, "Yep, sure did." And his response was, "Oh, I guess I better be more careful." Guess who was also a problem student throughout the rest of class?

Students think you're "so much nicer than Ms. So-and-So." Well, I'm sure Ms. So-and-So is also really nice, but when you guys NEVER stop talking, anyone would eventually have to get angry and start marking tallies by your name on the behavior chart. {Yes, I DO know how to fill out the behavior chart.  Your teacher leaves me instructions for everything.}

Friday, March 1, 2013

February Reflection

So, it's currently 11:39 on Friday, March 1, and I am DETERMINED to finish this post, make the graphic, AND get it all up before Saturday! I don't want to miss posting today!

This past month, I made some bittersweet changes:

1) I didn't participate in #fmsphotoaday on Instagram.  If you're unfamiliar with what this is, the account Fmsmumslim creates and posts a list of things/topics to take a picture for each day of the month.  You include the hashtag #fmsphotoaday so everyone else participating can also see your pictures.  Well, from September through January, I had successfully completed each day. {Yes, some days were late, but I got them all up!} For February, I just decided I was tired of worrying over what picture I was going to take and making sure I got it up, no matter how late.