Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running of the Rhinos!

Winning stuff is always fun! I've won a couple things on the radio here and there {and I've also been the first wrong answer played on air, for the K95 K-quiz question, haha}, and it's always super exciting to win something......especially when it's something you want or will get good use out of!  Some things that I've won are tickets to Countryfest & the Hot Apple Pie CD {very good CD, by the way} and also a gift card to Ledo's Pizza {very good pizza, by the way}.  You see what I did there? Consistency is key. Or so they say.

Anyway.  A few weeks ago, Matt won some tickets through the Local Suds Facebook page for the Running of the Rhinos: Lost Rhino Local Suds Pub Crawl. It was a cool experience and something fun to do, as I would've probably never gone to any of these places before {and, if the opportunity ever comes up again, I would only go back to two of these places anyway, haha}. 

We both got off work and hurried, and I mean HURRIED, to get ready to go.  We started out at Capital Ale House, where we checked in with Local Suds, got our free t-shirts, and enjoyed some music from the band that was there!  Again, had we purchased tickets for the event, I guess the shirts *technically* would not be free, but, we didn't pay a dime to go :)

When you tried one of the Lost Rhino drinks, Pretty in Pink, you also got this really great Lost Rhino glass to take with you! Yay, more free stuff! {Okay, so this for real wasn't really free, haha}

Then, we went and got on a charter bus that would be driving everyone to these places around Richmond...lots of fun!  There were lots of jokes being told that had everyone laughing, and there was also some fun trivia, and guess what, Matt won something else for getting the trivia question right.  One of the Local Suds guys said, "There are four disc golf courses in Richmond----which one did my wife and I get married at?" And everyone was saying I guess the more common locations, and finally, Matt said, "Dorey Park!"  We both laughed when we found out he was right, because we were both thinking, "nah, that can't be it!"

Our next stop was at Station 2.  This was my favorite place of the night, and these cheesy bacon fries were some kinda good! This is also where I apparently dripped mustard on the table, set my elbow down in it, and ended up wiping mustard all over my jacket! haha.  And I didn't even notice it until the next day.....nice.  Good thing it was my leather jacket and it came off easily!

Our next stop was The Camel, which really just bugged me because the floor isn't level.  Drove me nuts!

Lastly, we went to the Baja Bean, and luckily, the group left earlier than the schedule said.  How said is this.... Matt and I are rarely out late, and after working all day, we were just ready to go home!  I forgot to take a picture at this place until the last minute, so here I took a quick picture of the sign out front as we were walking back to the bus.

AND, since this was a Lost Rhino event, we had a rhino with us all night! haha.  Sad the end of the night, one of the rhino's eyebrows went missing! :(

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