Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Ramblings

Subbing gives me plenty of time to pretty much do anything I want sit quietly and watch over the students
while they work on their assignments, and make sure we all get out alive. Today, the classes I subbed for were watching Ice Age and answer questions about the movie. {And I watched the movie 3 times within 6 1/2 hours...} Luckily, this makes Day 3 of being able to watch movies in class while the students work! Yay!

So today, I was thinking about how much I haven't blogged this week...haha...I'm terribly behind. Oh well.  But, that just means I've mostly been busy and then exhausted by the end of the day and don't even feel like getting my computer out and turning it on! {I mostly check my email, social media and subfinder on my phone.} So, I thought today I would just list out a bunch of random things.....things I've been doing, stuff I like, etc. Hope you enjoy! :)

TV Shows
There are three shows I try to make sure and catch every week: Glee, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Dancing with the Stars-now that it's back on!

The Glee airing schedule has kind of been all over the place, because of American Idol being on.  My first memories of watching Glee were my sophomore year of college.  Some friends from BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries) had Glee night get-togethers at their apartment every Tuesday night, and my roommate at the time, Jordan, our friend Lindsey, and I would all go over and it would be a big group of girls watching much fun!

Secret Life is another show I remember starting to watch while at Longwood.  My freshman year, the girls on my hall {oh wait, we were ALL girls} would meet up in the lounge and watch Secret Life! I wasn't "as into" the show as I would say I am now, so I don't think I was there every week, but I do remember going a couple times. Sidenote: this is the last season of Secret Life....SAD.

Dancing with the Stars is currently on Season 16, but I have only been watching it since Season 15! Haha! Last season was the All-Star season, where they had previous mirror-ball winners, and old contestants back to compete again.  I loved this season because it had so many people I knew!! Mom and I would come home from bells {after being at bells with everyone talking about the previous week's episode! ha!} and watch Dancing with the Stars, and we'd most likely eat cookies too. LOL! Then, some Tuesdays we'd be able to watch the elimination episode, or other times we'd have to watch it On Demand.  And, of course, after each night of watching it, I'd call Matt and let him know how awesome Shawn Johnson was... ;)

Blog Checking
I do most of my blog checking during planning periods or during lunch, when I'm subbing.  However, I can't check all of them, because some of them are categorized as forums, which are blocked at school.  I can't even get on my blog...otherwise, I could definitely have a post up every day! Ha, I get them written, but never feel like posting them later!

Candy Crush
This game is ADDICTING!!! I started out playing on Facebook, and couldn't understand why Matt had the app downloaded on his phone --didn't he want to play it on a bigger screen?!?-- that is, until I downloaded it, too.  Now, I play so much, but it's really convenient because I can play when I'm lying in bed watching TV, but I'll only play during commercial breaks :)

Wedding Planning
It actually feels like we should be doing so much in regards to wedding planning, but everything's winding down.  We got so much done in advance and have just been really on top of getting things done, so we don't have to worry about it later! I mean, yes, there are still some things to wrap up and it will most definitely still be stressful as June 8th gets closer, but between my mom, my sister and I, every checklist will have been looked over eight million times......because that's just how we are! haha.

Yep, cleaning. And cleaning OUT. I've sloowwwwwlllllly being cleaning stuff out {because really, why do I still need all of my papers from Mr. Tyler's Alegbra II class? Yes, I really JUST recycled all those papers....7 years later...} I've also started to come to terms with the fact that I haven't worn those shirts in over a year, that shirt still has the tag on it, etc. Yep, time to get rid of all that too!  And don't you worry, there have been many things I've seriously laughed about finding, so I'll have to put together a post all about that ridiculousness!

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