Friday, March 8, 2013

3 months til "I do"

I'm extremely happy that our power did not go out in the crazy weather storm we had on Wednesday, however, our internet wasn't working. {There always seems to be SOMETHING that stops me from blogging on Wednesdays....maybe this is a sign? haha}

So, Wednesday's blog post will get up sometime, trust me, but I'm just not sure quite when!

BUT. Guess what today is?? The EIGHTH! One month down and only THREE months until wedding day! WHAT?! 

Yeah, I'm still not sure how time is going by so quickly these days.  I've had so much fun coming up with these posts for the past couple of months {see here and here for the 2 you may have missed} on the 8th that are about Matt & me to count us down to the big day!

Today, I'm going to share my top three favorite dates that Matt & I have been on.  We've been on so many over the past 70 months, haha, that I had to think real carefully as to some of my favorites ;)

#3: For our 2 year anniversary, my gift to Matt was a trip to Luray Caverns.  He had kind of recently told me he'd never been before and really wanted to go, so it was pretty easy to come up with a gift idea for him that year! ;)  I think it was our first road trip together, I really just don't even remember! We had so much fun, though!!

*These next two are extreeeeeemely cheesy.  If you're not into the "lovey-dovey" stuff, it makes you gag, and you continue reading, don't say I didn't warn you. haha*

#2: At the start of my freshman year at Longwood, I was excited to come home for a long weekend for Labor Day.  Something Matt & I did while I was home was go to Build a Bear and we made little Daniel & Loraine. Matt made Daniel & I made Loraine, and then we kept each others'. I took Daniel back to school with me, and Matt, well, to be perfectly honest, I'm sure Matt just propped Loraine up on the dresser by his bed and there she sat until I ended up with both of them. And I'm okay with that. haha.  Over the years, they've received different outfits, but trust me, it's not like I "spoil" them and buy them a new outfit for every holiday. BUT, I'm sure you can guess WHICH holiday outfits they DO have! ;)  When Matt and I were at different schools for a couple of years and didn't get to see each other as often, I liked having Daniel with me wherever I was, as it made me feel like Matt was with me, since he gave me the bear. Here is where the "awwws" or "gags" come in to play.  At this point, I'm okay with whichever you choose, because I really don't care, haha.
{Side note, Matt loves that they've been in their Christmas outfits for 2+ years! haha}

#1: As cheesy as it is, I'm going to have to say our first date is my number one favorite date.  We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays {a location that doesn't even exist anymore! How depressing!!} and then went to the movies to see Wild Hogs.  We still talk about how awkward our first date was and how nervous we both were, haha! I remember sitting there waiting for our dinner - I had ordered chicken fingers {which, fortunately, I've grown out of} and Matt ordered a bacon cheeseburger.  The TV was turned on ESPN and after seeing what was on, I said to Matt, "I didn't really know bowling was considered a sport..." haha. Unfortunately, that is the ONLY conversation I remember from dinner that night! But, apparently Matt didn't think I was ridiculously stupid after asking such a question, because 8 days later we were "officially" boyfriend & girlfriend. 
Guess I just made good conversation : )

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