Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Snow!

Since this is probably the last time I'll be able to post pictures of this for this winter season {well, wait, it's SPRING for goodness sake!}, I thought I'd just share a couple of pictures from our recent snow storm that we had this weekend.  In the Spring? Come on, now.  I'm so ready for warm weather, being able to wear flipflops everyday, and wearing bright colors {not that I don't wear bright colors sometimes now anyway, haha}!

We were supposed to go out Sunday evening to listen to a family friend {Hi Grampa!! :) } play music at Legends Brewery, but it ended up getting canceled because of the weather -- and I had NO idea we'd be getting so much!  So, Matt and I were just chilling at home, and then finally decided we needed to go get something to eat, since we weren't going to Legends anymore.  As I went to my room to grab a sweatshirt, I opened my blinds a little, expecting to see a lightly dusted yard, and I said, "uhhhh, Matt.........have you looked outside lately??" And he said, "No, why?" He opened the blinds and said, "OH!! We are NOT going out in this!" I said, "BUT I'M HUNGRY! WE NEED FOOD!" haha. {So, I didn't yell that, just said it with a lot of emphasis, lol}  So we trekked out into the crazy weather to get dinner, and a few absolutely necessary groceries. Were they absolutely necessary? Not totally.  It was the most random assortment of groceries, haha.

Of course,  it took forever getting to the store - that's normally less than ten minutes away - because a lot of people just forget how to drive when it's snowy outside. Yes, the roads had snow and slush on them, but they weren't TERRIBLE.  And, fortunately, we got to Subway just before they were about to close, so we were able to get dinner, too! yay! 

I was being rushed to hurry and get in Matt's truck.....okay, no, he wasn't really rushing me.  I was just dilly-dallying along, because I wanted to take pictures of the snow! haha. That picture above and this picture below were taken as I was running through the snow!  This picture kind of reminds me of Christmas :)

Poor Matt, cleaning off his truck! So much snow!!

And, what do Mom and I do the day after a snow storm when schools are closed?
Go to the Y of course!


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