Friday, March 22, 2013

Friends Friday

Happy Friday! Yay! The weekend is here! Annnnnd, it's time for another "Friends Friday!" :)

There is one particular Friends episode that is quoted VERY OFTEN around our house.

I'll give you a hint: It involves having your picture taken.

Haven't guessed it yet? It's episode titled The One With the Engagement Picture! In this episode, Chandler & Monica go to have their -you guessed it- engagement picture taken, but Chandler can't seem to smile a normal smile.  He has all of these fake smiles and his "gazing-into-our-future-and-thinking-about-our-marriage-and-the-days-to-come face!" haha!
 If you've never seen it before, or just want to laugh again, here's the video clip from this Friends episode:

So, around here, or when we're out somewhere together taking pictures, MOST of the time, two pictures have to be taken because the first one usually ends up by someone saying "Chandler smile!" and then a really goofy picture occurs! Orrrrr, it's supposed to be a goofy face picture, and I just choose to do a Chandler smile...haha

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