Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Longwood: home away from home

The past couple of days, I've been thinking about how my 4 years at Longwood were 4 of the BEST years ever! I met so many people, was a member and/or officer of many clubs and organizations, changed my major, worked on 2 wonderful RA staffs, the list goes ON and ON.  And then, of course, half way through my college career, Matt transfered to Longwood so we got to share a lot of college memories together, and then we got engaged at Longwood!  Anyway, so I thought I would just put down a list of things that first come to mind about Longwood and what I'll miss the most as time continues to go on. To any of my Longwood friends who might be reading, hopefully you might at least know of something that I mention or even know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random catching up!

Well this is definitely just going to be a humungous text-filled blog post.

I keep telling myself how bad of a blogger I've been this summer.  Without any excuses, it's pretty much because I'm rarely on my computer.  Besides school work, I've really only used my computer for social media (and to store all of my pictures, of course).  Since I have a smart phone, I check everything I need to from wherever I am, so my laptop almost isn't needed.  Plus, it's EXTREMELY slow and a pain to be on most of the time. So slow that, remember in my last post how I said I was going to post pictures from D.C.? Yeah, well, I attempted to do that SEVERAL times, but it kept freezing my computer up so I just gave up. :/

One BIG thing that has happened since my last post OVER a month ago, is that I got a job! I start this Monday at CJW Medical Center, Chippenham Campus as the Department Assistant in Physical Therapy.  The best part? I get to wear scrubs everyday. YES. I won't have to pick out my clothes everyday, which I already hate!