Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random catching up!

Well this is definitely just going to be a humungous text-filled blog post.

I keep telling myself how bad of a blogger I've been this summer.  Without any excuses, it's pretty much because I'm rarely on my computer.  Besides school work, I've really only used my computer for social media (and to store all of my pictures, of course).  Since I have a smart phone, I check everything I need to from wherever I am, so my laptop almost isn't needed.  Plus, it's EXTREMELY slow and a pain to be on most of the time. So slow that, remember in my last post how I said I was going to post pictures from D.C.? Yeah, well, I attempted to do that SEVERAL times, but it kept freezing my computer up so I just gave up. :/

One BIG thing that has happened since my last post OVER a month ago, is that I got a job! I start this Monday at CJW Medical Center, Chippenham Campus as the Department Assistant in Physical Therapy.  The best part? I get to wear scrubs everyday. YES. I won't have to pick out my clothes everyday, which I already hate!

Also in the past month, Matt turned 21! Woo hoo! My birthday present to him was a date night at Cinebistro.  If you aren't familiar with Cinebistro, it's a really nice movie theater where you order dinner and drinks, pay for everything and have it all brought out to you before the movie starts! We'd been waiting for this date to come because you have to be 21 to go, so it was exciting!  The food was delicious, the movie was great (we saw The Amazing Spiderman, which now happens to be the best Spiderman movie I've ever seen), and we just overall had a great time! It is a bit pricey thought, so while we enjoyed it tremendously, it will be a rare date night, only for special celebrations to come :)

We've been getting a LOT of wedding planning done, too!  Unfortunately, I don't plan on telling a whole lot of the details because I just want everyone to be excited and surprised the day of, but don't you worry.  It'll all be worth it in the end!! It's going to be fantastic! (I'm pretty sure I'm extremely biased and opinionated about this statement, but oh well!)  But Matt and I are really looking forward to saying "I do" in just 329 days!

Last weekend, Matt's family was kind enough to open their house for our entire wedding party!  Matt's parents and my parents prepared a lot of food for a cookout, so that all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen could meet each other.  A few couldn't attend, so we hope to have another get together in the future and hopefully everyone will be able to come then!  We had such a fun time, and it was great to see everyone :)

On a different, blog-related note, I've been thinking of using a different site for my blog.  I hate to do that, because I've used blogger for so long, but with everything that I post, it just keeps getting slower and slower, and that bugs me so much.  Plus, it makes it THAT much more annoying for people to look at :/  I've looked around at some sites I've considered, but who knows when I'll make a decision.  I hate to leave behind all the work I've done on this blog, but sometimes, you just need an upgrade!

Well, to whoever has read this entire, long post -- Thanks!  And, I have no clue when I'll post again.  I hope it'll be on a more consistent basis.  Maybe I can get back in the habit of doing what I did during school, and pre-blog.  I need to find that framed blogging calendar I made myself, but that's hidden somewhere in all of my school stuff!

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Nina Diane said...

I struggle at times to keep my blog up and I really want's my family journal. Now when I have the time, I will do 5 or 6 post and then schedule them out to post on their own. So much easier. And boo boo boo on hearing wedding stuff. I need to know some....just some please!!! Also would love to see some pics from the wedding party cook out. CONGRATS on the job..very cool and very proud of you!! love....aunt diane