Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Longwood: home away from home

The past couple of days, I've been thinking about how my 4 years at Longwood were 4 of the BEST years ever! I met so many people, was a member and/or officer of many clubs and organizations, changed my major, worked on 2 wonderful RA staffs, the list goes ON and ON.  And then, of course, half way through my college career, Matt transfered to Longwood so we got to share a lot of college memories together, and then we got engaged at Longwood!  Anyway, so I thought I would just put down a list of things that first come to mind about Longwood and what I'll miss the most as time continues to go on. To any of my Longwood friends who might be reading, hopefully you might at least know of something that I mention or even know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

  • Omelets.  I can't say that enough.  I've never been a big fan of eggs, but man, there's just something about that eggwhite omelet, a little bit of cheese, ham, green peppers and onions, each bite dipped in ketchup! hahah. And while we're on the food topic: just sitting in Dhall people watching........and having people look at you (you know, those huge portraits of alumni on the walls whose eyes follow your every move...)!
  • Walking barefoot through the Cunninghams.  I know this sounds ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS, but once you've been friends with Ryan Pereira, it's kinda hard not to, haha. Actually, just being in the Cunninghams in general.  I lived in 3 different residence halls while at Longwood: Arc (freshman year), Curry (sophomore and junior year) and the Cunninghams (senior year).  While I loved each residence hall I lived in, the Cunninghams just might've been my favorite.  Maybe it was because it's such an important building on campus, or because it's right in the middle of campus but I just loved it.  I was warned that I might get annoyed being RA on the 1st floor of Main Cunninghams (there's North, Main & South), since my room was right by the front door, but that didn't bother me at all.  I was right there near the desk when I needed to sit while on duty, I was right near my supervisor's office in case I ever needed anything, and people (other RAs and residents) always stopped by as they walked past and it was great!  I also had a pretty awesome roommate, Megan! :)
  • Brock Commons--this is the main sidewalk that goes straight through the middle of campus.  It actually used to be a street, but I'm so glad it's not anymore! You'll see so many people you know walking in between classes or anytime really.  But my FAVORITE time to walk on Brock Commons is when the weather is SUPER nice outside, and WMLU is playing music outside the Student Union across from Dhall.  I don't know what it is about that, but it just makes me love Longwood even more!
  • Thursday nights, which almost always consisted of walking across Griffin Blvd to BCM for Connections! We had wonderful home-cooked meals from local churches, fun games or activities to play, praise and worship, guest speakers, family groups, and just a lot of fun!
There are CLEARLY many more things I love and will miss about Longwood, but, this is just a taste of Longwood life :)

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Love Me If You Dare said...

i miss the omelets, brock commons, and BCM so much!!! wahhhh!!! can i go back to college? haha.