Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a LOT of catching up!

Oh my, I hate that it's been so long since I've blogged.  It's not because I've been lazy (well, maybe I have been on a few days...), but I've just been busy!

I'd love to say that all of my stuff from school is unpacked...but it's not.  All of my clothes and such are unpacked and all, but our garage and part of the living are still full of so much stuff that I just don't want to go through yet!  (Although, Mom--if you're reading this...I will put the towels and sheets away today :) )

For a graduation gift, Mom and I spent the weekend in D.C., after we dropped Abby off at Dulles to fly to Paris (then over to Spain!).  On Friday, we went to our hotel room, layed down for a few minutes, then went over to Potomac Mills!!  I LOVE shopping there!!  We first went to IKEA, and when we started out, I was taking pictures of what seemed like everything so that I could show Matt when I got home.  Well, I realized how quickly I was going to fill my phone up with pics, so I just said, "ohhhh......guess Matt's just gonna have to come with me and look around!!" haha.  After IKEA, we went over to the mall and lemme just say-we literally SHOPPED til we DROPPED.  I had printed off a list of every store at Potomac Mills, and on the drive up, we went through and narrowed it down to the stores we wanted to go in.  I don't think I really pulled the list out much while we were there, but as we'd walk past stores, we'd remember which ones were on the list.  Sometime into our shopping, I said I was getting hungry, but I wasn't done shopping.  We went to the food court, saw McDonalds, and we ate for under $5. haha.  We each got dollar sweet teas and a 4-count chicken nuggets. haha.  But then we were right back on our feet for more shopping! At the end of the shopping spree, we realized we had been on our feet for FIVE hours, except the 10 minutes we sat down to eat.  We discussed getting dinner, but it was 9pm.  I said I wasn't starving so I didn't want a huge meal, but we got something.  I remembered we both wanted to try the sweet potatoes from Wendy's, so we each got one, and then we got a side of macaroni to share! The mac-n-cheese was delicious!!!  That night was very hectic, because when Abby arrived in France, she discovered that her phone and debit card weren't working, even though everything had been taken care of before she left.  So Mom and I were up basically all night as she was calling whatever companies to get them fixed.
The next day, on minimal sleep, we drove into D.C. and went to the National Monuments! I love them!!  I took a lot of pictures that day, but would you believe I haven't even uploaded them to my computer yet?? I know!  But, there is a reason.  My computer has been SUPER slow lately, so I've backed everything up on Matt's external harddrive, and I'm trying to delete things from my computer (that's a very hard thing to do!), and I knew adding more pictures to my computer would not help the cause!  We finished out the afternoon by going to Georgetown Cupcakes!!! I was so excited to go, and we get to go again when we pick up Abby from the airport again, because she wants to go too!

Sorry...I wrote a lot more about that trip than I intended! Oh well.  If you've read this far, here's a little bit more...

I'd love to say that I've gotten a job...but I haven't.  I can't tell you how many applications I have put out.  I had one interview the Monday after graduation, but found out the hired someone else.  And this is what frustrates me the most:  most of the applications I've done have been online because it's 2012 and that's how everything's done.  Some of the sites won't give a number to call, so you just have to hope and pray you get a call from them for an interview.  Some sites DO give you a number, but when you call Human Resources, you're left with a voice message system that basically tells you, "don't call us regarding your application--you can check the status online--someone will call you."  Is it just me, or does anyone else just not like to be left hanging??

Anyway, I have picked up a babysitting job that I am starting this week and while it's not a full time job that I really want need, at least it's something!

However, not having a job yet has given me a lot of time to do things that I've been meaning to do:
-I've cleaned my closet a lot and thrown a lot away!! It's no where NEAR finished, but at least I've started!!

-Matt and I have signed up for a table at the church yard sale at the end of the month, so I've been going through and gathering lots of stuff to take there

-I've kinda created an exercise program for myself keep me going to the gym and make me really feel it afterwards.

-A while back, my mom bought an old chair at a yardsale, took out the seat, painted it, and made it a flower pot display (okay, I really have no idea what to call it..).  I said for the longest time that I wanted to make one, so she found a chair for me! I had every intention of painting it last summer, but never did.  A couple weekends ago, I FINALLY took out the seat, sanded the chair and painted it bright red! I've even gone and bought the flowers to go in it, just need Mom's help fixing it up!

-I've done SO much searching for wedding things!  It's quite exciting!  Not a lot of details have been taken care of, but I will say, there are some things I'm trying as hard as I can to keep secret until the big day!

Alright, enough catching up for one post I think.  Hopefully next time I'll be sharing some pictures!!

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