Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Chapter...

Last week over Spring Break I had an interview for a possible internship (and that outcome was looking really good!).

After many calls and emails, I was finally going to meet with my potential future supervisors.

I got to the hospital early, as I do when I go anywhere, and looked desperately for Medical Office Building 1. My final conclusion -- why in the WORLD is it not near Office Buildings 2 and 3??

So I just went and parked at the main entrance, where I always go in. I would know where to find my car later, and it wouldn't even matter if I needed to walk a ways to get to the building.
The nice little old receptionist ladies helped me to find Office Building 3, and I found it quite easily actually.

I was still 10 minutes early by the time I got to the appropriate waiting room. I told the reception who I was, and who I was there to see-Jackie & Becky. She was extremely nice and went and told the ladies I was there. She came back and said they'd come get me in just a few minutes, so I just sat in the waiting area.

Now, there were plenty of older gentleman sitting and waiting for their name to be called, and they were all joking around and being really sarcastic with one another. After I had been sitting down maybe 5 minutes, one guy said to the receptionist, "HEY. Are you sure Jackie knows she's here? She's been waiting a long time??" The receptionist responded, kind of laughing, "Yeah, she knows she's here; she'll be out in just a minute." The guy responded, "Well, this young lady has things to do; she's in a hurry." Receptionst, laughing, still, "I think she looks fine; she'll only be waiting a few more minutes." I think three more minutes went by, and this guy got up, went in through the therapy room, looking around for Jackie so I wouldn't be just sitting and waiting!! I was thinking, "oh my goodness, what in the world is going to happen!?!?" Then, the much more patient guy who was sitting by me jokingly said to me, "Everyone in there is going to know your name before you even go back." I could only laugh and just anxiously wait for them to come get me so nothing else would happen!!

So, after ten minutes at the most of waiting, Jackie came back and got me. I met with her and Becky for my interview, and just to talk about my interests. At the end of the interview I was about 99% sure I had the internship. It was a little hard to tell because they were slightly hesitant about the fact that I hadn't had my disease class yet (which I will have in the fall) and they just had a question about the liability forms. So afterwards, I went home to get my advisor's contact info, and emailed Becky. The next day she responded saying that my paperwork was all ready to be picked up and to come by Friday morning. YES.

So, I went in Friday morning, and that same guy from my interview day who went back in through the therapy room looking for Jackie was there. He was telling everyone that I waited for 45 minutes so he had to go find people for me. I just let him tell his story....I didn't want to get all caught up in that!

But I got all of my paperwork, Jackie said they're so excited to work with me this summer and that they've already been setting goals for me! AWESOME.

Therefore, I am officially interning at Memorial Regional Hospital in Richmond in the Cardiac Rehabilitation facility!!! So exciting!!

And, my advisor told me that usually people who intern in Cardiac Rehab get to watch open heart surgeries....WAY COOL.

Getting lost on the first day and not finding the building didn't even matter to me anymore.
Come August, I am sure that I will know the layout of this hospital like the back of my hand.

And maybe by the end of the summer, I will get answer to my question: why isn't Office Building 1 near Buildings 2 and 3??

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