Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mid-week Randoms

I'm currently reading The Isle of The Lost (Descendants Series part 1). I love anything Disney, so when Disney Channel premiered the movie Descendents, based on this book, I couldn't wait to see it. If you don't know, it's about Disney villians's children. My favorite one is Mal...for obvious reasons. It's the purple hair.
I got both books for my birthday--part 1 and 2, thanks mom and dad! And now that I'm back at work and things are crazy with school starting up, I've only read just a little bit. So far, it's not exactly like the movie, so I like that. However, I usually hate when books and movies aren't the same.

This past weekend was Harry Potter weekend. No matter how many times we watch these movies, we love picking up on new things, or something someone said that totally foreshadows what we actually learn 4 movies later.

Have y'all seen this cereal box?? I need it. I can't believe there's another box I can add to my Michael Phelps cereal box collection. (Yes, I have all of his up to this point...)

To my blog readers in Australia and Iceland...I'd love to know how you guys have come across my blog. Pretty cool to have readers all over!

I'm ready for cooler weather. We've started sitting out on the deck at nights (where I am now typing this), and it's nice, but will be better when it's a little cooler. Matt strung lights around the railings and in the umbrella...I love it!

Can we talk about how Marshall is learning new things so quickly now?! Just the other day, he started standing on his own. I can't believe it! He'll stand there clapping, and laugh the entire time because he thinks it's so funny!

Anybody watching this season of America's Got Talent? Who are your favorite contestants? There are so many good acts this season, but here are a few favorites:

Steven Brundage--seriously, making Rubik's Cubes cool again.

The Clairvoyants--I don't know how they do it, but they do it very well!

The Passing Zone--they haven't been at the top of my list all season, but last night, I was cracking up during their act. Maybe too much.

Tape Face--we LOVE Tape Face.  He's so ridiculously funny. Ridiculous and funny.

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