Friday, June 7, 2013

Friends Friday

Ah-ha!  I told ya I had a blog post or two I hoped to get up this week! Now, did not write this on Friday. ha. I've had all the videos pulled together and everything since I was subbing (yep..over a month ago, now), and I actually wrote it and scheduled it to post on Wednesday. Oh well, it's up!
I'll be 100% honest.  I

Since, you know, tomorrow's kind of a big day and all, I thought it was a perfect idea to do a Friends Friday this week with some great wedding clips from Friends!!

Ross & Emily's wedding.  Okay, I think this has to be my favorite, because of everyone's "freaking out" reaction when Ross says, "...take thee Rachel..." I think every time I watch, I get just as excited each time, haha.

Phoebe & Mike's wedding.  I think this one is hilarious, with crazy Monica as the coordinator, and Phoebe not caring about anything except marrying Mike.

Ross & Rachel's wedding.  Okay, you could forget their wedding in Vegas, when really, Monica & Chandler were about to get married in Vegas?! haha.  Don't forget, this one was all Rachel's idea ;)

Joey prepares his words of wisdom.  I lovvvvvve this part where Joey shares with Monica & Chandler what he wants to say at their wedding.  It starts out great, but then.

Monica & Chandler's wedding.  When Joey is glad that no longer has to keep a secret, and you don't have to remember "who knows you know they know you know."   Did you follow me?

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