Sunday, July 10, 2011

crabs, catches, and carrot cake

I really have no excuses as to why it has been over A MONTH since I have blogged. I could go on to say how busy I am with interning and by the time I get home I'm absolutely drained and barely have enough time to check my email, blogs and Facebook (I don't even want to think about how behind I am with Farmville, Frontierville, etc. haha). But in all honesty, who ISN'T busy these days?!? Sure, most of us are on "summer vacation," but I suppose as we're growing up, there's not much "vacation" in the name anymore!

However, this weekend was almost too fun, that I just have to blog about it!

Friday was Matt's 20th birthday! And I just couldn't wait to see him/talk to him so I could just yell "SCORRRRRRRRRRE!!!!!!" I was so excited when I turned 20 because I would've lived for a score, and now Matt has joined the club! haha.

After we both got off work Friday afternoon, we drove down to the river...Mom, Dad and Abby were already there. I surprised Matt with a banana pudding milkshake from Chick-fil-A, his favorite, and even though it's not on the menu, well, let's just say I have connections! When we got down to the river, it was raining and storming, and just not a good evening to be outside.

Saturday morning, we woke up to a great day! Got the jetski and boat put in and were ready for a fun-filled day ahead! Around lunch time, Matt's parents & brother came down to join us. Matt wanted crabs for his birthday, so we had ordered a bushel and spent many hours outside steaming & picking! It was a great experience, as none of us had steamed them before. Mid-afternoon, Matt, his dad and brother, and Abby, Dad and I went out on the boat to go tubing. SO. MUCH. FUN. Except....I'm definitely paying for it today! I woke up so sore, not sure if I would even be able to get up! I also attempted water skiing for the first time in years, and I lasted ohhh about 30 seconds. As soon as I got up, I knew my back was shot. But well worth it!

In the evening, the eight of us went out fishing and stayed out for a few hours. Besides all of the great catches, I think we just all enjoyed hanging out together and laughing! It was so much fun. I'll have to wait til later on to tell about Matt's biggest catch of the night!

Finally, as odd as it was, eating dinner at 10, 10:30 last night wasn't half bad. I don't know about everyone else, but I was looking forward to dinner, haha. Maybe because I had Matt's surprise birthday cake for afterwards! It took all that I had to not tell him that I made him a carrot cake for his birthday....his favorite! Which, by the way, I just found out LAST weekend that carrot cake was his favorite. How did I NOT know this or hear it once in the last four years?!

I hope to share some pictures later this week, HOPEFULLY. I really want to make myself find time to blog more...I admit, I miss it!

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