Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love List

Time for another round of things I'm loving!

1. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee--Matt and I came across this in Homegoods Friday night. To say that we were both excited would probably be an understatement! Matt chose for the bag of coffee beans, so that he could use our coffee grinder to have even fresher coffee.

 Mmmm...drinking it takes me back to breakfast in our room with this amazing view in Ocho Rios!

2. Karen Kingsbury is now sharing an e-series to follow up with all of her books about the Baxter family.  I started reading these books in high school, and finished up when I was at Longwood. When I got to the last book of the series, I just didn't want the stories to end! Luckily, my mom shared a link with me to sign up to receive chapters about the Baxter family via email through Karen Kingsbury's newsletter.

*If you haven't read her books yet, I highly recommend you get started now! Start with the Redemption series, then the Firstborn series, then the Sunrise series, followed by the Above the Line series, and finally the Bailey Flanigan series. Yes, it's a total of 22 books once you've finished all of the Baxter Family Series, but they are all WONDERFUL. It's so neat because all 22 books have the same characters, but each is focused on a different family member, and how all of the characters are connected.  Don't waste anymore time, go pick up a copy of Redemption and get started on Book #1 of 22!!

3. The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was revealed on Good Morning America yesterday! I wasn't as into the cast, at first.  Until they got about halfway through who the Stars are, I was rooting for Danica McKeller from The Wonder Years, but THEN, Candace Cameron Bure came out and I was so excited!! Thennnn, they brought out Meryl Davis and Charlie White from the Sochi Olympics--now that is going to be a great competition to watch! But then, I was could they NOT have Derek Hough on this season?? That didn't make sense, until they revealed who is partner will be.  It is going to be very cool to watch him work with Amy Purdy, a double amputee Paralympian!

4. Matt's Chick-fil-A special----okay, maybe somewhere else out there has already tried this, but in this household, Matt made up this breakfast sandwich, and I'm also a fan! Order a Spicy Chicken Biscuit and add egg!  If you don't like the Spicy Chicken from Chick-fil-A, you might also like this.  Adding the egg onto it cools down the heat, but you still get the great flavor! :)

5. I love these shirts, based off of TV shows or movies, or just really funny quotes! Some are pretty weird, though..haha

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