Thursday, March 26, 2009

Varina's 1st Soccer Game of the Season

So don't you love it when you write a post, and it's complete, but then your computer freezes and you have to manually restart it, and then find out that the blog you posted wasn't saved?? That just makes my day. Not.
I had this post written last week, and this morning in my 8am class, just realized that I never went back and redid it.
So here are some pictures from Varina's first Soccer Game of 2009. It was against Dinwiddie, and if you take a look at the score in the last picture, you'll see that Varina started out the season with a great game! Of course, Mom, Dad and I barely had voices when the game was through from yelling so much.
I won't be able to go to another game until April 24, then I'll be home for a few in May, so enjoy these for now, and hopefully I'll get more up later!!
Announcing the starting line-up.
She is SUCH a Pendleton girl!
I love this picture. Just a cool angle and everything.
Abby's face is priceless (this is only one of MANY funny faces!).
Congrats, girls!! Y'all did GREAT!! :)

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