Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Great Boyfriend :)

So, I'm not one who usually likes to brag, but I definitely feel the need to now. (and don't worry, there will be some pictures at the end, but not taken by me!)

I've always known that I've had the greatest boyfriend alive, but Matt did something this past weekend that made me so happy and I smiled the entire night.

We had been at his track meet Saturday afternoon, and I made it just in time to see all three of his events. First, let me just say, that to me, he ran better than I've ever seen him run before and I am SO proud of him!!

Anyway, we were on the way home, me with dad & Matt with his mom, and we were trying to figure out what to do that night. I asked him if he'd like to come over and just hang out and watch a movie (because I really needed to watch Remember the Titans for my PE & Sport class!! ;) ) He was happy with doing that....but only after he took me somewhere....and only after I ate my dinner! He wouldn't tell me where and that drives me crazy, but I love surprises!
Needless to say, I ate my Ukrops bbq sandwich probably in record time, because I knew that as soon as I was done, Matt would be there. So, I'll skip over all of the details of him coming to pick me up, and us getting "there," and I'll just show you what we got:

He took me to TGIFridays for dessert :) Even though going out to get dessert doesn't seem like that big of a deal, it is to me. Little things like that mean the most and make me the happiest (and the fattest). We got the Peanut Butter Chocolate pie (top pic) and the Brownie Obsession, and they were both AMAZING!!! Although it was delicious, the Brownie Obsession was a little too chocolatey for me (my mom would say I am NOT her child!!).

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Nina Diane said...

awww...that was so sweet! (and sweet tasting) And guess what...the "little things" are the really the "big things".
My Johnny might not be the most romantic but it's all of the little things that he does for me that mean the most....and after being married 30 years, I would say it's the best!!