Thursday, June 18, 2009

a little overdue on a blog

My Tuesday morning started out bad...but quickly got better! I overslept forty minutes, and after rushing around for seven minutes (not to be exact or anything), my professor called and said class was canceled. Go figure. But, I was glad that I wouldn't have to be in BIO all morning, when instead I could take awesome pictures!! Mom and I took Abby to her friend's river house in Lively, which, might I add, was quite the experience! Afterwards, mom and I went down to my grandparent's river house because it's only about twenty minutes away.
The first seven pictures, or rather, all of the pictures before the duck!, are all from Lively. The rest are down at our river house in Farnham.

Hope you enjoy!

The shells in the next picture are Dad's favorite type of shells. When Abby and I were little, every time we went walking on the beaches and saw these shells, we would wash the sand off and bring handfuls back to Dad! Hadn't seen the shells in a few years, so had to take pictures when I saw them the other day!

When we were younger, Abby, me and our cousin Brooke would always go beach walking...sometimes extremely far. In this next picture, you'll see a bunch of crabpots that we collected on our walks and tied together on the pole that two of our hammocks hook to.
Here's Mom! :)
Mom and I compared the tempeterature of the water in Lively and Farnham. MUCH colder in Farnham :-P

p.s. I am hoping to have another post this weekend...should be a good one...but I can't post too much info about it now because it's a surprise and I wouldn't want someone to see..... ;)

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Nina Diane said...

great pictures Mallory!! Glad you got to spend the day taking pictures, which oh yeah, happens to be my fav thing to do too!!