Monday, July 20, 2009


So, I always love to check Google daily, just to see what the logo looks like. Yes, I'm a dork! lol
Recently, I also found out that my Aunt Diane does as well! But she is not a dork! :-P

On July 4th I went and checked the Google logo, and honestly, my first thought was, "Oh! Diane won't be able to see this!!" So, I decided to save the logo so I could show her! haha.

There is also another one I thought was cool looking, from the same week she was at the beach. Enjoy!


Nina Diane said...

OH I love them....thanks for putting them up because I couldn't see it when you posted it before! and yes, I'm a dork too...just ask my kids! I get called that at least once every weekend...haha

Gabriella Nina said...

all i can say is wow.

i do that sometimes too :P