Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gabby: Senior Pictures

A few weeks ago, I had my very first "photography job" ever! And it was taking pictures of my cousin, which made it even more fun! I've told Gabby a thousand times already that I had a blast taking her senior pictures! We never thought we'd be able to schedule it because our schedules were always conflicting. It even came to the point where I told her she might want to look to someone else to take them, because I never thought we would find a day. It made me so happy when she told me, "I don't care how long I have to wait; I want you to take them!" I loved hearing that! So then we compared our lonnng schedules and FINALLY found a day. Needless to say, everyone was happy!

So we headed down to Rainbow Acres Campground for some fun and pictures! Alison came along too, and took some "behind the scenes" pictures that I might put up later! We also took a few Sister pictures, and the one I put on this blog is my FAVORITE!! It really shows their personalities well :)



Nina Diane said...

OMGosh......the pics are awesome!! I am so proud of you...they look great!

Mallory said...

THANK YOU!!!! That means a lot to me!!!
Gabby said they all loved them too, so I'm very glad!! :)

Gabriella Nina said...

yay Mallory!! they look TERIFFIC!! excellent job :) well done!