Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seven Pines 50th Anniversary!

So I've been horrible with keeping up with this blog lately. It's not that I don't want to blog, it's that I thought I didn't have anything to blog about! But, then I was going through pictures on my computer and found something I could post!

The 50th Anniversary of my elementary school--Seven Pines Elementary--was October 11, 2009. There was a big celebration at the school and teachers, faculty, students and parents from the past 50 years were there. It was really great to see one of my old teachers and several faculty members I hadn't seen in a while. There weren't many students there that I knew, maybe 15 or so total, but I seem them all on a pretty regular basis anyway :)

They had a table set up with old photo albums and scrapbooks from over the years and it was so fun to find pictures of Abby, me, Matt, Matt's brother and all of our friends from grades K-5. Mom and Dad even made several appearances in the albums!! It was crazy to look back and see HOW long ago all of that was! I actually miss a lot about it, like annual Talent Shows, Colonial Day, Field Days, the Jingle Bell Fun, Air Guard Saturdays...all that fun stuff!

Perhaps one of my favorite things I looked through that day were the Fifth Grade Memory books. I immediately found mine and flipped to my page to see where I remember putting bit stars around my name: *Mallory* ....because that was the cool thing to do ;) haha. Then, I went to the 5th grade Class of 2002 Memory Book to read that when Matt grew up, he wanted to be the best of the best! Well, I'm not too sure what he wanted to be the best at, but I must say, he's the best of the best boyfriends!!

Since I brought him up, I'll add in that Matt and I grew up in this school together, without even knowing it. We were always in every Talent Show, and if I remember correctly, we were even sitting by each other waiting in line...or maybe one of us was in front of the other...something along those lines! Both of our families were at every Air Guard Saturday waving to the Air Guards coming back to the base down the road from our school. And we even have pictures of our parents working on PTA stuff together, and he and I didn't give a second look at each other! haha. WHO KNEW?

Anyway, hope you enjoy look at some pictures from the day! :)

Current Seven Pines students made 'Happy Birthday' posters and they were all over the walls in the cafeteria; it was awesome.
Matt and I just got a kick out of this one :)
But then once everyone we knew left, Matt and I goofed off in the kitchen...a place we weren't even allowed to step foot in while we were students there! ha

I'm going to have to look and look and look to see if I can find any pictures that have the two of us in it from elementary school...and put it in a frame next to this one. Because this next one is another favorite of us. :)

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Nina Diane said...

wow...had no idea Seven Pines was 50 years old! that's really cool...but me, I was a Sandston Elem girl.....