Thursday, January 21, 2010

25 Days of Christmas......27 days too late.

I probably look like the worst blog updater in the world, but there was initially a reason as to why I didn't post an update on December 25th. Since I love Christmas so much, I was going to go through the real 12 Days of Christmas, and update everything from those 12 days as the last day of Christmas. Ok, fail. Because then we decided to go look at the lights at Lewis Ginter and I thought "oh, I'll just wait so I can put those pictures on the post too." Fail. Then school started, and that left me with little time to do whatever I wanted. So when I was at home last weekend, I had a little bit of time to update. I was in the middle of writing, and I had pictures uploaded and everything...and what do you know. My internet just closes out. No warning, nothing. Thank you, technology, for closing me out of my post. Then I was just frustrated and didn't want to start again because I knew that would happen again.

This post is going to consist of several events that happened over those 12 days, and I'm sure I'm not going to include close to everything. I'll try to be better about posting in the future though :X

The pics I've chosen to share on this post are from the snow we got way before Christmas, the annual CYG Christmas Party, Christmas Day, and the lights at Lewis Ginter.

Hopefully, more to come!



Sister opening presents

excite about the Red LU hoodie I've been wanting. [Go RED class :)]

Mom opening gifts...

Dad's sweet new drum.

and this is one of the reasons why my dad rocks....!


Abby and Matt "licking" a candy cane....

And this is why I hate getting people, who don't know how to use a camera, take a picture for us....this was the best we got...

fun chalkboards...

Abby's butterfly:

Careful Abbs, that's a $700+ chair you're sitting in!


Nina Diane said...

love that you are posting again! I have been missing your post...especially since I don't see you on FB anymore ;(

Mallory said...

that is so weird that you can't see me on facebook! and sad, too! but yes, I'm hoping to really start keeping up with blogging again. things keep happening and I'll think, "oh I should blog about that!" but I knew I couldn't do anything til I finished Christmas!