Friday, January 8, 2010

As my saying goes, "So how 'bout..."

So how 'bout...I had to go edit something from the last post I wrote, and I noticed a Draft. I thought, "What draft? I don't have a draft?" Well I went to look at it, and it was the beginning of the original post I did for the 25th day of Christmas. It wasn't gone after all! Well, now you just have MORE pictures to look at, which is always great :)

For New Year's, my sister had a party. About twelve 16-17 year olds were at our house. They weren't too loud, but here's some pics of the food from the night...

My sister made this cake...

I get this from my mom...I love cheap, on-sale things. I bought all these Christmas decorations/ornaments, for around $13. Oh yes, that makes me happy.

And just the small one of these trees..I bought the taller one last year. They came from Cracker Barrel!

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