Thursday, December 24, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 24

I cannot believe it's CHRISTMAS EVE!! Yes, it's exciting, but I have no idea how it came so quickly!! It's insane. And I have been moving non-stop today with so much to do!
Woke Up.
Had presents to wrap.
Went to buy Christmas cards.
Matt's house for Brunch.
Came home.
Had to repaint my nails (yes, this was a must for the day, because they looked really bad. haha).
More presents to wrap!
Matt came over for our gift exchange :) (I have a hard time waiting til Christmas with him! ha).
Christmas pics.
Candlelight service at church.
Dinner at Memaw and Papa's.
Home for Dad's annual reading of his made up "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (trust me. it's way better than the original!)
And here I am now! Finally getting the pics uploaded!

Here are some of mine and Matt's Christmas pics this year. Photo cred-Abby!

Ok, so in this next picture are our two bears: Daniel and Loraine. We made these bears my first weekend home from school my freshman year at LU. (He made Daniel; I made Loraine). Since then, I've kept Daniel with me, and Matt's kept Loraine with him. You can tell I sleep with Daniel all the time because he's not as soft as Loraine anymore. haha. We bought them these elf outfits this year :)

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