Sunday, December 6, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 6

Every year when we were little, my sister and I were in all of the Children's Christmas Plays at church. I've been many characters: a sheep when I was 2; Sophia Spaghetti's hair/make up assistant; a girl named Lindsey who made friends with toys like Chucko the Teddy Bear (played by Abby), Miss Glamour Doll (my cousin, Brooke) & Jack in the Box (my friend, Trey) and had the longest list of toys she wanted for Christmas; and a gang member named Doris who was clueless about the true meaning of Christmas. Let's just say, I had a wide variety of the roles I played! ha! But I never got tired of it one bit!

They stopped doing Christmas plays at church for a while, but it's picked up again in recent years. This year, I got to participate in the play again.....but with quite a small role! At Fort Lee, there is a Puppet Ministry, that, of course, performs puppet skits for the children every Sunday at the beginning of church and on other occasions as well. The puppet group tonight consisted of Susan, Brandy, Abby and myself. We had quite a blast hanging out behind the puppet pit! ha!

Our first song involved me being one of the people holding signs and flipping them back and forth because they were double-sided. Okay, not my favorite song. haha. It was still great and I loved it. And the second song....involved camels! SOO FUNNY :)

Here we are waiting for the time to do our next song!

I was demonstrating how this could be a backpack...if you just connect all the camel legs

*Sorry about the quality...that's what you get with camera phones.

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Nina Diane said...

some of my best childhood memories are from being in the Christmas program at Fort Lee. I was always an angel in the choir. I think I was too shy for anything else.