Monday, December 7, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 7

I apologize in advance, because this post will not have a picture today. It's sad to say, but I honestly haven't time to take a picture and upload it to my computer. In fact, I barely have time to write this post as I am LOADED down with studying for finals. Not fun at all. But I'll be back home by lunch on Thursday, so it's all good.

Anyway, I came back to school this morning to find a bag from BCM on my desk. Actually, it was just delivered by BCM, but in fact, it was a Exam Week goodie bag that a group of people from a local church put together. This bag contained so many goodies that I was so excited every time I pulled something different out. It included: an orange, an apple w/ caramel dip, a Capri Sun, water bottle with flavored drink mix, huge bag of cookies and brownies!, candy, gum, a Ring Pop :) and so much more!

It's just a little reminder of what this season is really about: giving and loving. The people at these churches didn't have to take the time to bake cookies and brownies, or spend their money to buy candy and drinks for us. But they did it out of love and because they wanted to. And I couldn't appreciate it more. I know those cookies will probably be gone by tomorrow because I'll need every last bit of caffeine from each chocolate chip to keep me going while I study.

So again, I'm sorry there's no picture of all these fabulous treats.

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Nina Diane said...

so good luck with your exams! And it's funny that you posted about receiving a gift bag from people you don't even know. Because today at work, we made 400 gift bags for people we don't know. We included hot choc, candy canes, cookies...all kinds of good stuff. It was such a good feeling making the bags for folks. So good you!