Sunday, December 20, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 20

This snow has made me so happy these past few days! Even though that means you may not be able to go out driving much, I don't care. There aren't many occasions when all 4 members of my family are home at the same time, but for a lot of this weekend, we all have been. Last night, we were all home, dad put lights on our real tree, we decorated it while watching The Wizard of Oz, then we all fell asleep watching it! I cannot tell you the last time that has happened! We're hardly ever all home! So, that's just one reason why I'm thankful for this great weather :)

Here are some pics of outside decorations and the house at night.

We have two of these trees on our porch.

We have these wreaths on all of our windows, as well as swags at the bottom of the windows. I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of them? I love the sparkly ribbon and bows mom now uses!

I'm just a fan of sparkles and glitter in general. Which is why I love the gold sparkly wreaths on the two front doors.

Finally, here's our house in the snow. It's a bit blurry (boo). We weren't able to put garland and lights on the front porch railings this year because, well, we don't have any. Dad started replacing all the railings, then we basically had non-stop rainy weather whenever he was home to do it, so they have not been finished yet. We also haven't had a chance to put our icicle lights on either!

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Nina Diane said...

it looks so beautiful. I don't mind being stuck at home! I came home Friday from work and didn't leave again until today, Monday! haha