Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 4

First of all, this is sort of a two-part entry :)

As I've mentioned, I'm obsessed with Christmas. And one of my favorite parts is all of the DECORATING! I honestly have a problem--I buy EVERYTHING. It was not a good idea for Walmart to have an entire wall of Christmas ornaments, all for $1.00. Not good for my pockets AT ALL. Luckily, I've only bought one so far...but just so far!

For instance. Matt and I decorated my Christmas tree in my room a few days before Thanksgiving. Yes, BEFORE Thanksgiving. Nothing wrong with that! As we took the dead lights off of the pre-lit tree (FYI-not. fun. at. all.) and started getting out my boxes of decorations, I kept getting, "Mallory, this is ridiculous how much stuff you have!" I consider that a compliment. If I'm going to have a lot of stuff, I'm going to have a lot of Christmas stuff!

Here is one of my boxes of decorations for my tree...

....and Matt's expression about all of the boxes!
I can't help it; I just love decorating. My sister recently told me that when I have my own house, I won't need to buy Christmas decorations, because I have enough to fill it now! haha.

Okay. Second part: At Longwood, there are two secret societies: CHI and PRINCEPS. CHI is more for representing the spirit of Longwood, and PRINCEPS recoginzes academic achievements, such as making Dean's List or President's List. How anyone gets into these societies is also a secret. You only know how if you're in the society, so I've been told...I'm hoping that SOMEDAY, I'll eventually learn the secrets from expreience, or just find out from someone. :) Every now and then, members of these societies leave CHI or PRINCEPS 'droppings' around campus. It's usually really hard to find these droppings and is supposed to be VERY good luck to find these when walking around.

My roommate, Jordan, and I were walking to D-Hall this morning for breakfast, and we actually started talking about how there would probably be a lot of CHI or PRINCEPS droppings within the next week, since finals are next week. Before we walked into D-Hall, I just happened to look over my shoulder and see a small gold ball hanging off a bush. I immediately yelled "HEY, LOOK!" and went over and discovered I had found a PRINCEPS, making that my 3rd dropping I have found since I've been at Longwood! Not only was I super excited to find a PRINCEPS dropping, but excited that it was a Christmas decoration. It was made for me, I'm sure of it :)

Here is the front, which says "Happy Holidays"
And the back, which has the PRINCEPS 7 on it.

Thank you, PRINCEPS, for another Christmas ornament.....because I totally needed another!!

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Nina Diane said...

we are more alike than we topic today is also decorations! Great post and believe can NEVER have enough Christmas decorations!! My house is totally decorated, has been since before Thanksgiving and yet, last night, I bought 2 more things! haha....