Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Likes and Dislikes

This was supposed to be the Top 5 things I like about my junior year so far, but I just like too many things to cut one of the following! :-P

1. DOTS. It’s extremely ridiculous how obsessed I’ve become with them. Like, really bad. Matt had given me a box for my birthday (Ok, not just Dots. He gave me a movie, popcorn, the cheese topping you sprinkle on popcorn, and Dots—my favorite candy to eat at the movies). I never ate them until like, the first weekend of the semester when we were having movie night, and I was so sad when they were all gone. So next time I went to Walmart, I found them for $1 a box, so of course I bought some. Well, that lasted all of 2, maybe 3 days. Then, last week, I went to Walmart, and since Matt wasn’t there to stop me, I bought 2 boxes! :-O Because they were $1 a box!!!!
2. Grape Juice. Matt got me hooked on this last year. When I would go visit him at Ferrum, he and his brother always had at least one container of grape juice in their fridge. So one day, I decided to buy some to have. Well, this semester I’m apparently gulping it down and should start buying 2 bottles at a time!

3. Matt. Yes, of course, that is one reason why I like this year so much better. Sometimes, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Matt and I can eat almost every single meal together now, and randomly hang out between classes. Heck no, I’m not complaining, but it still seems crazy to me!! (This picture was taken as we were leaving Jellystone a few weeks ago.)

4. My Planner. I’m a nerd. Simple as that. I’m one of those people who color codes everything that’s in their planner by highlighting every last word: Pink=Personal; Orange=Tests/Quizzes; Yellow=Assignments; Green=Meetings, Blue=RA stuff. Needless to say, there’s a heck of a lot more orange than I would like, and not enough pink! So, to make myself feel better, I’ll write things that probably shouldn’t even be in there, but since I need more pink, I’ll add it! For example, last week was the Season Finale of America’s Got Talent, so I quickly added it to my planner! :)

5. My piggy bank. Haha, ohhhh the little things in life! I painted this piggy bank, teal with pink ears and nose, when we were at Jellystone Labor Day Weekend. Abby painted one as well, and coincidentally, hers is pink with teal ears and nose J We totally didn’t plan that. But I like having it because usually, I come back from Walmart with tons of random change that usually just piles up on my desk, but now I have somewhere to put my change and maybe save for something!

6. The Curry RA staff. I met these guys once last spring and never saw them again until we came back to campus for training. Now, I feel like I’ve known them my whole life and they are definitely some of the greatest friends anyone could ever ever ask for! It’s funny. When I’m not on duty, and it’s around 7:00pm, 10:00pm, 12:00pm, (or 2:00am on weekends), I try to make sure my door is open if I’m in my room just so I can say high to whoever is doing rounds that night. It may sound strange, but it’s something I look forward to.

I figured it would only be appropriate to include a few dislikes...
1. Domino’s getting my order wrong. They had become my favorite pizza place to order from at home, but this one at Farmville made me so mad! Matt and I made the order online for our 2 medium pizzas. On the way, he dropped me off at Walmart to get ranch dressing (for dipping), and he went and got the pizzas. We got back to the Resident parking lot, walked back to my room, I opened my pizza box, and there I found the wrong pizza. “Um, hello, I see the pepperonis but where are my green peppers?!!??” I was beyond upset. But I didn’t feel like walking all the way back to Matt’s truck and driving to Domino’s, so I ate it anyway, and it’s all good.

Have you seen those Domino’s commercials on TV—“Show us your pizza” ? It’s where you can send in pictures of you enjoying your pizza. I wish I had thought about it last night, but I should have taken a picture of me holding the box open, a sad look on my face, and the caption: This is not what I ordered! I figure I could’ve maybe gotten a free pizza out of that one? Or at least some coupons (Which by the way, none came taped onto our pizza boxes, either!).

2. A full week of tests, quizzes and meetings. All day. Every day. Last week was the worst! (Too much orange in my planner!!)
3.Retarded Air Conditioning systems. I feel like Curry has had the most trouble with the A.C. this year. It went out again last night around 9pm, so I wasn't forwarding to attempting to go to sleep in a hot mass. Luckily, when I came back from class today at 12:45, my room was cool again! yay!
No more dislikes. I'll just keep it at half the amount of likes, because there needs to be more likes than dislikes.

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Nina Diane said...

you are right.....should always be more likes than dislikes!