Thursday, October 28, 2010

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Self confidence. Dispositional or State self-confidence? I wonder what the rest of Maymont looks like in the fall? I need to brainstorm for taking Emily's pictures next weekend. Prophecy-a "behavior guidance" thing. I wonder when Katelyn James will get settled and have another blog post? Oh yeah, why haven't I blogged in forEVER? Self efficacy; it's sources. Do I need to get a drink from the Student Union for lunch? Oh, that's right. I still have a Diet Mountain Dew in my fridge. I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch Saturday and then carve pumpkins. I also want to still make those pumpkin spice least I think that's what they're called. Dang, and then I need to still go to the Y to take pictures for my paper. "Mallory, why do you think Self-Confidence influences performance?" Is he really calling on me, or is it a rhetorical question and he's just saying my name like he starts every sentence with a student's name? Yep, he's really calling on me. I'm glad I know the answer.

I consider myself the Dory of real life. I have the hardest paying attention in class sometimes. My mind just goes off on the most random tangents. But I don't always mind that...haha.
Soooo here just some random thoughts.

-this is my 92nd blog post. Sooo close to #100!

-I have been introduced to and grown to love the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Einstein's! It's the first coffee drink I've ever liked and I am excited, yet also said that it's just a seasonal flavor. Hopefully the Christmas season brings another tastey flavor!

-I absolutely love my RA staff. End of story. They are amaaaazing. (And I know I say that so often. But every day just builds our friendships so much more!)

-This semester is almost over. Ok so we still have just over 4 weeks left of classes, and then exam week, but really..that's not much! Of course I'll still have 2-3 quizzes each week and I have 3 tests left, but it's all good.

-I bought my first Christmas decoration on Monday. Yes, on October 25th, exactly 2 months before Christmas, I bought my first Christmas decoration. It's just a simple green glittery ornament that says "Merry Christmas." It's hanging on my wall above my desk. I love it!

-Speaking of Christmas decorations, I made one of those paper chains that I used to love making when I was younger. Okay, I still love to make them. It's red and green and each ring has a date on it from now until the day I go home for Christmas break. I take one off every morning when I wake up. Well, some mornings it's 2 if I've woken up late. Then it's kinda more fun to take off more and the chain gets shorter sooner!

-I still need to work on my website more. I haven't been able to edit it in a while, but I want just enough time to sit down and do everything I want at one time, instead of going back and forth twenty times a day.

That is all for now! I still have one more class

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Nina Diane said...

so are all over the place. Pumpkin spice latte....I told you it's awesome.

I can't pay attention either. I'm sitting in photoshop class right now..haha!!