Tuesday, May 8, 2012

every mile a memory.

Yep, be prepared for plenty "bittersweet" posts coming up shortly.

Even though I finished with exams last Wednesday, I've still been here!  I won't get to head home until May 13th--the DAY AFTER GRADUATION!!!  [still can't believe it!]

I've been [slowly] packing up my Longwood life to take it all back home.  ...for the last time.  So strange.  As I've been going through stuff, I've found numerous momentos from the past 4 years that bring back great memories.  It's crazy looking back and everything I've done....it's so much!!

I took pictures of a few...here they are!

Spring semester of Freshmen year (Spring 2009), I applied and interviewed to be a Longwood Ambassador.  It's safe to say it was one of the best decisions I made!  Not too long after finding out I got in, I got this note in my mailbox:

Sophomore year, I was in an all-girl's small group Bible study and we read through the book, Bad Girls of the Bible.  [I still have the book, if anyone's interested!].  One night of Bible study, our leader, a sweet, sweet friend, Shannon, handed us sheets of paper with our names on them, and we passed them around so we had the chance to write nice things about everyone..

 This past August, I was very excited to receive this birthday card from the RECs and Central Office Staff [of Residential & Commuter Life - - for those of you who don't know ;) ]

A few months ago, both Matt and I helped out with Spring Fling, which was a fun activity day for children with disabilities, provided by the SPED [Special Education] Ambassadors.  Matt made me this flower out of coffee filters and paint :)

Finally, here's my Valentine's Day card from last year.  I've displayed it on the shelf above my bed ever since, and hopefully Matt doesn't mind me sharing it :)

Keep checking back--I'm hoping to have more Longwood-related posts/pics up soon!

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