Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cousin Love!

In this picture, all of our bathing suits and glasses were from Target,
so we liked to say, "we keep Target in business!
And, I'm pretty sure the 4 of us STILL keep Target in business! haha!
  As the summer has been winding down, Mom and I have been going up to the pool more often.  This summer has been so busy that we didn't get around to going much.  Then, Abby worked at several pools this summer, so she never felt like going to the pool (not that I blame her, haha).  Anyway, we've been in the evenings right much the past few weeks and it is sooo peaceful!  Last night, we basically had the pool to ourselves (the only other people there were over at the baby pool, and then they left shortly after!), so we both got in, and propped ourselves up on the side of the pool reading.  The water was freeeeezing at first, and I did almost get attacked by this huge spider walking on the water (yes, like Jesus), but it was very relaxing!

But while I have enjoyed the peaceful nights up at the pool, I do like being up there during the day when there are a lot of kids playing.  It's great entertainment.  Last week, Mom and I couldn't stop laughing at this one kid in the pool: he was literally just walking in the pool by himself, singing some song about a Slender Man.  haha, it was hilarious!  I've also loved watching all the kids jump of the diving board over and over again, because it reminds me of summers years ago.  It's probably been about 6-8 years now...those were the summers when we would LIVE at the pool.  And by "we", I mean, me, Abby, our cousins Gabby & Alison and our closest pool friends who belonged in the "squoval."  Squoval? Well, we'd always set up chairs up under the shelter to hang out, and while we always attempted to set them up in a circle, it was never right. It was always half square half oval, so we became the squoval.  We would have the best times.  I especially remember when we'd be pretty much the only ones at the pool, and me, Abby, Gabby and Alison would go off the diving board over and over. Literally, we'd be the only 4 over at the diving well, and since there were 2 diving boards, every time, we'd switch up who we were going off with. It was TERRIFIC. 
After writing all this down, I've realized how quickly time has gone by for us 4 cousins. I mean, seriously.  The youngest, Alison, is in her senior year of high school, Abby & Gabby are both in college, and me, the oldest, I've graduated college and am out in the "real world."  And being in the real world also means that I'm getting married in June....the SAME day that Alison graduates from high school, so it is going to be an amazingly fun, family day! And the best part? While we were growing up, Gabby, Alison, Abby and I hung out all the time! We'd have sleepovers at our houses quite often, and we've always said that we'll be in each others' weddings.  Well guess what? I'm so happy that all three of them will be in my wedding in June as bridesmaids, and Abby as Maid of Honor!  We're going to be living out our childhood dreams! :)

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