Sunday, October 26, 2014

Remembering Memaw

I'm sorry friends and family, I know it's been a long time since I've blogged!  But life has been pretty crazy.

For those who don't know, my Memaw passed away two weeks ago, so we had all been spending a lot more time with family and with Papa after that.  My grandma was the youngest of 13--you may remember my posts about going to the family reunion over the years--so we had a lot of family coming from out of town, so it was nice to see them, as well.

I haven't blogged since then, because I knew I wanted my first post back to be about Memaw, and I just hadn't 1) uploaded these pictures, or 2) felt like actually writing this quite yet.

As we were all helping in little ways with making plans for the visitation and funeral, we had several ways we were going to remember Memaw throughout this difficult time.  My aunts went through Memaw's jewelry--she had A LOT--and picked out a watch (she was definitely known for her watches!) and pin for all of the girls in the family to wear for the each of the services.  It was so neat how Memaw had so much jewelry and how each of us had something that fit us so perfectly!!  Also, while we had been cleaning up the house, in preparation for out of town family coming in, Matt found a little Avon box with "for Mallory" written on it in Memaw's handwriting.  Inside was a butterfly necklace (pictured below), which I wore, as well.  I also wore just a red beaded necklace, that had been given to me by Memaw at some point as a birthday gift, and it may or may not have gone well with my outfit the day of the funeral, but I wore it anyway.  You'll see below that it matches the color in the watch I wore, so that's another reason for wearing it ;)

I'm terrible at taking selfies with my camera, haha, but here are the two necklaces:

I know, it bugs me that the butterfly necklace isn't centered in that picture.
I don't know WHY I didn't bother to straighten it!!!

You KNOW the Christmas watch would be picked for me!!!

I love this flower pin!

Here's Abby, Alison, Gabrielle and me, sporting our watches and jewelry from Memaw (Abby's teal necklace is also from Memaw's jewelry box).
and Alison sporting her very stylish black and gold beaded vest from Memaw, that only she could pull off!

I also have had a butterfly ring from Memaw (that I failed to take a picture of). When she gave it to me, so told me the story of when she received it.  Well, turns out, that's not the story at all! haha...

As we've been sharing stories and memories about Memaw, we've all laughed and agreed on one thing that Alison read from my Aunt Kandi's letter at her services: Memaw had an answer for everything. She was told, that if you don't know the answer, don't say "I don't know", make something up! I haven't stopped thinking about that, and I can only think that Memaw couldn't remember where she got the butterfly ring from, so she just made up a story to tell me and hope that it would have sentimental meaning to me! haha. But that just makes it have even more of a great story and meaning to it!

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