Thursday, November 20, 2014

Maple in the Morning

I wake up for work about an hour and a half before I actually need to leave.  Not because it really takes me that long to get ready, but because I don't like to be rushed. PLUS, I love playing and snuggling with Maple in the morning, so I have to plan accordingly, haha. Also, when I take her outside before I leave, it's just not a quick in-and-out trip. Nope, we have to chase every squirrel, deer, bird or rabbit we see and sniff everywhere those animals have been. It's always an adventure! Other times, I love sitting with her on the sofa, which has now become her playground, and just lay beside her looking out the window as she watches the cars go by. But, I love that I wake up early enough to spend some extra time with Maple, as well as take cute pictures like these that I'll have and love forever! You can never have enough pictures of your fur-baby, right??

I did not pose her in any of these. These are all typical Maple poses :)

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