Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Disney Trip: Pictures From My Phone

I knew I had a couple more Disney posts I wanted to do, but I didn't know this was going to be one of them!

Here are "the lost files" of our Disney trip. I call them the lost files because I had honestly, truly forgotten about them until last week when I stumbled upon them on my phone, as I was trying to clean up my photo storage!

When we finally got to our room in Disney, I was excited to be there, just by seeing this on our bed!! Sorry to Mom, Dad and Abby for sending you this picture at like 2:00am letting you know we were there, haha.

Anxiously approaching the entrance to the Magic Kingdom!!

As you're walking to the gates of the Magic Kingdom, you can see the beautiful Grand Floridian resort.  One day, when I'm rich and famous, (so never), we'll stay here! haha. It's crazy expensive, but super beautiful, and even MORE beautiful at Christmas!!

NOW it feels like we're at Disney :)

It's a Small World

haha, I love this picture of Matt on the teacups.

Remember when we played that Cars racing game? Here's my horrible score, haha.

Our view from dinner...not too bad, huh?

You can never take enough pictures of the castle.

When we rode Peter Pan's Flight, which is one of my favorite rides, I didn't have my camera out. Instead, I just took quick, and mostly blurry, pictures with my phone.

The lights at Disney are so pretty at night.

Next day at Hollywood Studios!

Inside the Tower of Terror.

Time for lunch!

I took a picture of this arch, because we have an old picture of Dad, Abby and me standing under it from when we went years ago. Although, I think then it read "Disney's MGM Studios!"

3rd day: Animal Kingdom

We loved Finding Nemo The Musical! Abby, definitely wish you could've been there, too!

Delicious dinner at Rainforest Cafe!

Rainbow after dinner..

This was one of the scenes at our resort. I just thought it was so cute!

Mickey waffles for breakfast! Yum!


For the Test Track ride at Epcot, you can design your own vehicle for the ride! It's super cool.  We rode it twice (once with a Fast Pass), so the first time, Matt designed the car, and the second time, I did.  You register it to your Magic Band so when you're getting ready to get in your "car' for the ride, you scan your Magic Band, and it picks up the design you just created! So neat!

Ready to ride!

After the ride, your Magic Band still saves your car design, so you can load it onto different video games they have.

Just goofing around testing out some stuff..haha.

Matt drinking beer in Germany.

The day we went to Epcot is also the day we went to Downtown Disney. We ate lunch there at Planet Hollywood. You know I had to grab a picture of the Hunger Games outfit!

Genie in one of the stores.

Back at our resort

Possibly a hidden Mickey chicken nugget? Probably not, but I still took the picture anyway.

We went back to Epcot that night to watch the fireworks/lights show, and ended up standing right by a wedding reception!


Our last day...taking in all we can!!!

Ready to board Tower of Terror.....for the fourth time!

Arriving at Magic Kingdom for the last time.

Rapunzel's tower.

HAD to have a Mickey shaped ice cream!

Train ride around Magic Kingdom.

This pin made me laugh..

Loved all of the Cars stuff our gift shop had!

We had coupons for free tokens or something for the arcade at our resort, so that's how we killed time waiting for the Disney Magic Bus to take us back to the airport.

So long, Disney! Until next time ;)

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