Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baby Nolte

Let me start this post by telling you that it has been written for about a month and a half now.  I've kept going back to finish it, got frustrated, and had to just stop.  I've had to delete paragraphs of sarcastic thoughts/comments that I wanted to write, because I wanted to address people who have shared their opinions on what they think I should or shouldn't be doing, or what I should stop eating, or what I can't do. Please don't even get me started. But, I didn't want this to turn into a negative post.  So, without any more delay (hopefully), here is what I started back in May...

Well, let's see. How has this year's To-Do List gone so far?


It started out pretty well.

I felt I was getting a tiny bit better about blogging.  I was trying new things I found on Pinterest, and sharing them whether they failed or succeeded.  And the list of books I wanted to read this year? Yeah, I've still only read one.  I've actually hardly read anything up until the past few weeks.  My eyes would hurt so bad when I read which just led to headaches, so, reading was a no-go for a while.  However, I have watched one entire episode of Doctor Who and then bits and pieces of other episodes....soooo, at least I'm doing a little better on that one?

Then I hit a point where I was just always tired. Always. And I still am. I could probably sleep all day everyday, to be honest.

And, of course, there's always my headaches.  I haven't taken my migraine prescription in MONTHS and MONTHS, so the migraines that had been doing so much better....well, so much for that.

BUT, as much as I might complain about being too tired to do anything, always having a headache, not doing everything around the house that I want to, I know it's all for a good reason.

My body is housing another human for goodness sake!!

It's not a secret anymore, since it's Facebook Official now, and well, nothing's true unless you see it on Facebook, right?

When we finally told our families, we were so glad to not have to keep a secret anymore!! Too many coincidental things were either said or had happened that made it hard for me to not tell anymore!!  And, I'm not gonna lie, there were a few times when I thought I'd slip!

We told our parents and siblings first, of course.  Then our grandparents and finally the rest of the family!  We both have big families, so while we wish we could've told everyone in person, that just wasn't feasible!  So we called, texted, and emailed and prayed everyone in our family would know before we started telling friends and co-workers! 

I've been keeping track since Week 10 by making a different chalkboard design every week. It's fun, because I've never changed our chalkboard as often as I've been doing now! Matt takes my picture every week, and sometimes we try to include Maple. "Try" being the key word.

So, come November 29th (give or take a few days), we'll have a bigger family just in time for Christmas!!  This also means our Christmas decorations will probably be up sooner this year, but hey, no complaining over here!  We've also found out that there are SO many birthdays in November, so of course our friends/family have a certain date they're rooting for ;) We know of two people who's birthday is November 29th, one of them being Matt's grandpa!

I like to think that blogging about Baby Nolte will become more of a habit once we find out if we're having a boy or a girl.  I feel like once we start buying things, working on baby's room, etc., I'll have more to blog about other than how tired I am or how I just want to complain about the things people say to me.  Plus, there's just a lot going on this summer!

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