Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meeting Jessa and Ben Seewald!!

Yesterday, Mom and I went out to the Southern Women's did thousands of other people!  We've been planning on going for months--since I heard that Jessa Duggar Seewald, from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, was going to be there!  I remember watching I think their first TV show, 14 Kids and Counting, and then season 1 of 17 Kids and Counting started back in 2008, and it's kept on going since, keeping the title of the show changing.  

2 Christmases ago, Mom gave me the book Growing Up Duggar, written by the 4 oldest girls: Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger.  I thought going to the Southern Women's Show and getting my book signed would be a great idea...and even though it was a LONG day, it was still a good idea! haha.

We got in line at 12:05--she wasn't even going to be speaking until 1:00.  But, we did have some good entertainment.  From 12:00-12:30, they had a really neat fashion show.  Everything the models were wearing were found at Goodwill!  We definitely love going shopping at Goodwill--you can find some really great stuff...even name brands with the tags still on! We've both been lucky to find those great deals!  I can't remember what the program from 12:30-12:45 was called, but it was about "adopting" or funding a child in another country and helping provide food, clothes, etc. for them and their community.  Finally, at 1:00, Jessa and her new husband, Ben, came out to talk!  The announcer on stage, I believe it was Chris from Lite98, asked them a few questions, and then it was opened up to everyone for Q&A.  It was neat to see how laid back they are, JUST like they are in the interviews during the TV show.

Here we are waiting in line.

This is in the line in front of really wasn't too bad, to be honest, and a lot of the people you see in this picture are sitting down watching the shows.
Compared to others--who were in line OUTSIDE--we had a great spot in line! haha
We stood in line for a total of 2 1/2 hours. But, like I mentioned, there were other acts going on on stage, so it made the time go by!  We were also fortunate to have really nice people in front of us and behind us.

We had a really great spot/view for the show.  However, I had to zoom in to keep the people in front of us out of the pictures..they felt it was necessary to continue passing a baby back and forth pretty much the whole time.  (okay, mini rant over, haha)

This nice lady below had a gift for Jessa.

Almost our turn!

Mom pointed out this girl in front of us in line!

We finally met them!!  They were both so sweet and kind to talk to!

(And next year, can the Southern Women's Show staff choose a better employee to be in charge of taking that will make sure you can SEE everyone! I was so upset when I looked at the picture right when we left their table.)

And here's my book! So exciting! :)

The TLC camera crew was also at the show, so when they finally air the episode which includes Jessa and Ben at the show, you know I'm going to be looking for Mom and me! It shouldn't be too hard since we ended up dressing alike, haha.

If you're interested in catching an episode of the show, it comes on every Tuesday at 9:00pm. At that time each week, I'm already in bed for the night ready to watch!

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